ISTE: Technical Talk on Nanofluids by Prof. Shuichi Torii

Aug 31, 2016 @ 10:15 AM

A Technical Talk and Interaction was organized by the Indian Society for Technical Education (I.S.T.E) SJEC Students’ Chapter on 31th August 2016 for the students of Mechanical Engineering Department. The topic presented was Nanofluids by Prof. Shuichi Torii, Assistant Director and Professor in the Department of Mechanical System Engineering, Kumamoto University (College of Cross-Cultural and Multidisciplinary Studies) - Japan from 10:15 am to 12:00 noon in Spoorthi Conference Hall, 7th Floor of Academic Block - III.

The programme began at 10:15 a.m. with the prayer song sung by choir team led by Mr Joshwin Sequeira. Mr Vicky Vaz, ISTE Student Coordinator gave a brief introduction to ISTE SJEC Students' Chapter to the audience. Ms Gautami Shetty, ISTE Student Coordinator, welcomed the gathering. Mr Noel Shiri, ISTE SJEC Chapter Chairman, introduced the Chief Guest, Prof. Shuichi Torii and gave a detailed description of the research work and achievements of Prof. Torii to the gathering.  

Rev. Fr Rohith D'Costa, In-charge Director – SJEC, Dr Ajay Kumar Yadav, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NITK, and Dr Sudheer M, Head of Mechanical Engineering, were the Guests of Honour; Dr Rio D' Souza, Vice Principal – SJEC, presided over the function.

Dr Rio D’souza, Vice Principal of SJEC delivered the presidential talk to the gathering. He told about the importance of such technical talks, and gave brief introduction to Nanotechnology and the challenge set by Richard Feynman which led to the development of Nanotechnology. He gave an example of storing giga-bytes of data in a chip as small as a pin head, which can be possible only through Nanotechnology. He talked about recycling and how it could be possible through Nanotechnology. He appreciated the efforts of ISTE in organizing such a good technical talk. He also thanked Dr Ajay Kumar Yadav in helping SJEC to bring Prof. Shuichi Torii for technical talk. He thanked Prof. Shuichi Torii for agreeing to give this Technical talk. He then called upon all the gathering to benefit from this technical talk. Later a Memento and a gift were given to Prof. Shuichi Torii by Director-in-charge Rev. Fr Rohith D’Costa as a token of love and appreciation.

Technical talk on Turbulent Heat Transfer behaviour of Nano Fluid in a circular tube heated under constant heat flux was presented by Prof. Shuichi Torii. He started his talk by showing the location of Kumamoto, Japan in the world map and how far it is from India. He gave a brief history of Japan and specifically about Kumamoto University and the legends born from this university. He also told about the recent earthquake which struck Japan and how international news channels like CNN, BBC gave wrong information about the whole of Kumamoto city being destroyed in earthquake, but in reality only a small town outside of Kumamoto was affected by the earthquake.

Later in the talk Prof. Shuichi Torii described what exactly a Nano-Fluid is. He stated that it’s a fluid with particles less than 100nm in diameter suspended in a conventional fluid like water, engine oil or any other fluid etc. Then he continued by showing a brief history of all the research works done on Nanofluids. He stated that the research on Nano-Fluids is particularly recent i.e. around after 1980s. All the research being done is on Convective Heat Transfer on laminar flow of Nanofluids. They see the thermal conductivity of the Nano-Fluids against the concentration of Nanofluids. Generally, the Nano-fluids include agglomeration of Alumina or Graphene or Carbon Nanotubes in traditional fluids. He even told about Nano Fluid technology and its Current Status and Future Research scope. Prof. Shuichi Torii stressed that in Industries, turbulent flow is of higher importance than laminar flow. Therefore his research is about Thermal Conductivity of Nano-Fluids in turbulent flow. He shows the compounding of Nano Particles of Cu and Al2O3 with water. He showed the thermal conductivity and normalised conductivity against the concentration of the Nanoparticles. His research is being done in the Shockwave and condensed matter research centre of Kumamoto University. Here he uses dynamite to make Nano-particles of diamond using detonation and shock application. It’s a low cost and easy process of producing Nano-Diamonds. His research of nano-fluid is water + Nano-Diamonds. He also showed the Zeta potential of Nano- Diamonds in fluid.

His future vision is in cooling systems by the usage of Nanofluids as coolants where higher performance and lower size can be achieved. He ends the talk on a positive note on the Main Research topics on the Enhancement of nano-fluids, Heat transfer performance, Aggregate Nano-Particles and how to separate them. The talk was followed by interaction with mechanical engineering students.

Dr. Ajay Kumar Yadav suggested all the students to read some books and watch the video lectures on Nano-Fluids. He also gave the information on the international symposium which is held in Japan every year around the month of March and requested the students and staff members to apply. After the technical talk a Memento was presented to Dr. Ajay Kumar Yadav by Dr. Sudheer M, Head of Mechanical Engineering, SJEC. Vote of thanks given by Mr. Loy Fernandes, President of ISTE-SJEC Students’ chapter.

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