MBA: Talk on HR Philosophies and Practices in IT Sector

Oct 14, 2016

Dr Subraya Pai, Senior Unit Manager, Infosys Ltd. - Bengaluru delivered a talk on HR Philosophies and Practices in IT Sector to the students of Department of Business Administration on 14 October, 2016 at Bethania Hall. The talk was organized by the Department as part of the Industry Academia Interface.

Dr Prakash Pinto, Dean of Department of Business Administration at SJEC introduced and welcomed the speaker to the gathering. Dr Subraya Pai began his talk on the role of top management in envisioning the future of the organization and transforming the work culture in order to achieve the set goals. He explained the concept of Design thinking and its importance in delivering superior customer value. He also stressed the role of HR as a mediator between the Management and Employees and the challenges to be tackled in the organization.

He also advised the students to pursue MBA from a holistic view in order to confront various HR issues from diverse perspectives and build a promising career. Dr Pai also gave an insight into the best retention practices in IT industry and opportunities available for the performing employees. He also insisted on work-life balance and its importance in performance management and employee motivational programs.

He concluded the talk by reminding the students to keep themselves updated with the latest business affairs and focus on strong communication skills. Students clarified their doubts regarding the career opportunities in IT industry which was followed by vote of thanks by Ms Pooja Bhat K. of final year MBA.

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