ECE: Workshop on Virtual Laboratory

Jan 9, 2017 - Jan 10, 2017

The Department of Electronics and Communication organized a two-day workshop on Virtual Laboratory on 9th and 10th January 2017. The inauguration of the workshop was held on Jan 9, 2017 at 9.30 AM in the DSP lab. Dr Pruthviraj U, Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Mechanics & Hydraulics, NITK Surathkal, was the Chief Guest. There were 34 internal participants.

Details of the workshop are provided below.

Session 1

9/1/2017 Morning

A demonstration on aerial vehicles was held at the college playground. Two models were demonstrated by Dr Pruthviraj and his team consisting of Mr Aquib A Nadaf, Mr Sourabh Kamath and Mr Sanketh J who are B.Tech students at NITK. One of the models shown had a camera attached to it through which they demonstrated how a picture or a video could be captured. Mr Sourabh Kamath demonstrated his project which was based on controlling robots through brain signals.

After the demonstration there was a session on “Introduction to Virtual Laboratory” by Dr Pruthviraj wherein he explained the use of virtual lab in the reconstruction of heritage places, conservation of wildlife, surveying of lands etc. He also gave an insight about the remote triggered lab.  It was interesting to know that open source software was used in almost all the projects.       

Session 2

9/1/2017 Afternoon

Dr Gangadharan K V, Professor & Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NITK Surathkal was the speaker for this session. He highlighted about experimental learning and how branchless engineering can be used for developing useful projects. He also briefed about virtual lab and remote triggered lab. 

Session 3

10/1/2017 Morning

Dr Mohit P Tahiliani, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, NITK Surathkal, was the speaker for the session. He spoke about “Open source wireless network Experimentation” in which he highlighted upon the need for Virtual Lab. He explained about ns-2, ns-3 and other network simulators. There was also a brief hands-on session on ns-2. He also introduced the participants to two useful remote triggered wireless labs i.e., ORBIT (Open-Access Research Testbed for Next-Generation Wireless Networks) and PhantomNet Mobile Networking Testbed.

The session ended with the valedictory function which was presided over by Rev. Fr Rohit D’Costa, Assistant Director, SJEC, and the Chief Guest for the function was Dr Mohit P Tahiliani. Certificates were distributed to the participants.

Session 4

10/1/2017 Afternoon

In this session the participants visited the Virtual Lab facility at NITK, Surathkal. Experiments in the virtual lab were explained and demonstrated by the research scholars of the lab. The concept behind 3-D printing was also explained.

Overall the workshop was useful to the faculty members as it gave an insight to the kind of projects and simulations that could be carried out having societal applications.

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