Training and Placements: Aptitude Training for Pre-Final Years

Jan 27, 2017 - Jan 31, 2017

APTITUDE is something very important for students who are trying to enter corporate world or going to write any competitive exam. An individual with good aptitude skills are considered better than others because they are quick in analysing, adapting, and good at problem solving. Thus aptitude has become the most important soft skill these days.

SJEC facilitated the first phase of aptitude training program for all the pre - final year students from 27.01.17 to 31.01.17 for 5 days. The training was conducted by JV Global LLP Services. About 400 students underwent the training program.

Trainers appreciated the student quality at SJEC. They also mentioned that they are very good at their verbal and communication skills. Students also attended the aptitude training program in large numbers and expressed their satisfaction of learning the contents that is necessary to shape the future of their career.

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