MBA: Outreach Programme –Visit to Arogya Matha Kendra

Mar 11, 2017

First Year students from the Department of Business Administration at SJEC accompanied by the Dean and Faculty visited the old age home Arogya Matha Kendra on 11th March 2017. The old age home visit was planned as part of the Department Outreach Activities.

Arogya Matha Kendra is a charitable organization managed by sisters of Fathima and situated near Neermarga. It inhabits 30 inmates hailing from different parts of Mangaluru. The students and faculty reached the place at 9.20 am. The inmates were very hospitable and friendly as they welcomed us with their beautiful smiles. To break the monotony of their lives, the students entertained them with songs and dances. In order to bring laughter on their faces, the students performed a small humorous skit. This brought cheer on their wrinkled faces. The students also performed action songs and made elderly people dance along with them. This was followed by a cake cutting ceremony and all the elderly people came forward to cut the cake. Refreshments were served to all. To celebrate the joy of giving, the students and faculty pooled money and donated fruits, eatables and different items of provisions which are used on a daily basis. The Sr Superior who is the caretaker of the old age home thanked all for sparing time with the old souls. She also acknowledged the generosity of the college in conducting such programmes.

Later, the students interacted with elderly people there. Each one of them had their own reasons to be in that place. Before leaving the students clicked photos with them. It is sure that one cannot bring a big change in their life or assure them a better life but a smile was something one could surely give them. Though the time spent there was short but it created lasting impression in the minds of all. Truly it was a learning experience for the students to connect with society.

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