CSE: Aurora Intradepartmental Fest

Oct 27, 2016

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering association CIPHER conducted an Intradepartmental Fest AURORA on Thursday, the 27th October 2016.

The event was hosted by the master of ceremony – Ms Manasa Rao. The inaugural commenced by first invoking the almighty which was then followed by a presentation on the concluded Cipher activities.

The dignitaries on the dais were Dr Rio Dsouza, Vice Principal & HOD-CSE, the Chief Guest Dr Thyagaraju G.S., HOD-CSE, SDMIT Ujire, Ms Pramila R.M. & Mr Prathviraj N, the staff coordinators & Ms Daphlyn Valento, President- CIPHER.

The welcome speech was given by Ms Kavya Acharya. The dignitaries were called forward to begin the auspicious function by lighting the lamp. The HOD and the Chief Guest both addressed the gathering with their delightful words after which the students, Mr Loel Sequeira & Mr Nathan Clive Rego were felicitated by Mr Thyagaraju G S for their efforts on conducting an Android Workshop.

The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Ms Sharanya Aithal and the program ended with the rendition of the College Anthem.

The inaugural ceremony was followed by a talk on Internet of Things, delivered by the Chief Guest Dr Thyagaraju G S.

The talk was followed by Four Events conducted in various laboratory and class rooms.

Following are the overall reports of the events. 


MINDSPARK was a semi-technical event organised for all the students of the CSE Dept. It tested patience, time-managing skills, team-work and knowledge in C programming. Three made a team. The participants of the event were welcomed and invited by Hansen D’Silva, the Student coordinator for the event.

It consisted of four rounds:

1st Round    : “Down the memory lane” where participants were given 10 minutes to play 3 classic games and set their high scores.


2nd Round   : “Ancestral Line” where the participants were required to draw the file-system hierarchy of a given file system. Special files were added to delay and disturb the work.


3rd Round   : “Fragmentation” was divided into two parts in which first section was the individual tasks to each participant and the second section was the scavenger hunt as a team


4th Round   : “Final Showdown” was a digital treasure hunt in which hidden code was to be found. First to execute won the event.

A total of 45 teams registered. 1st Place was secured by Alister Lewis, Iona D’Souza and Megha Bhaktha from IV year ‘B’ and 2nd Place was awarded to Deeksha Alva, Harold Amin and Mahesh Gadiyar from III year ‘A’. Participation certificates were given to the other 6 teams who qualified to the 4th Round. All participants enjoyed the event and have given a positive feedback.



The event was scheduled to begin at 11.00 am in the Database management system lab organized by Rohit K Rao and volunteered by S Dhanashree, Ranjith Kumar, Priyanka, Sharanya P from 3RD year and special management of the event by Aatash Sengupta from 4TH year.

A total of 11 teams participated in the competition, each consisting of 6 members per team.

The event had 3 simultaneous round, the three rounds were as follows:

1. Programming with Data structures in C.

2. Queuing with Database in SQL.

3. Web Design using HTML.

 The competition was held for duration of one hour.

The competition thus came to end at 12PM.

The judges for the day were Mrs. Ushadevi and Mrs. Gayana, who guided the competition with their fair and unbiased judgment.

The event came to an end with the announcement of the winners for the competition  where the 1st prize was bagged by AK Rizwan, Hashhash, Shreejith, Pawan, Siddhartha and Raghavendra and second prize was bagged by Nathan, Loel, Tanya, Shreyas, Rigel Glen and Roidel.



The event Counter Strike 1.6 consisted of 8 teams with 5 members per team battling it out on the console turf to win the grand prize.

The game kick started with a bang and showed a massive display of talent in the first person shooter genre.

Hosted by Gowtham from 4th year CS and organized by Shawn and Shad from 3rd year CS, the game proved to be a challenge to the contestants as they gave it their all on the de dust _map

Ultimately the grand prize of 1st place was bagged by the 4th years, wining a grand total of Rs. 1000. This was handed over to the wining team by Mr. Prithviraj, consisting of Chinmaya, Abin, Gowtham, Hashhash and Abdul.

Overall, this was a fun filled challenge to both the players and the audience who had come to witness the event. Truly, it was an event to be remembered.



Students from the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years stepped away from their normal schedule to take part in an event that allowed them to showcase their projects that they’ve been working on. “Mini Project” was a glimmer in the Aurora fest after the unprecedented success last year.

Mr Thyagaraju was the featured chief guest, inspiring students to find a stream they were passionate about.

The presentations struck a chord with the viewers. There were 15 participating teams in total who presented their projects regarding various fields of computer science and electronics.

They were judged by Mr. Thyagaraju on the basis of the following criteria:

      Design -15


      Presentation -10

      Application -5

      Queries -5


With a total of 50 marks covering all aspects of the projects.

The students were given 5 minutes to present their respective projects and 3 mins to answer the follow up queries. All the teams displayed epic enthusiasm during the event. There were projects related to C, C++, web development, Arduino, home automation, graphics and other various areas of computer science engineering.

The event took place in M.Tech Lab. It was organised by Athiya Marium and Shreyas Shet.  The event was a great success which ended with the prize distribution ceremony where Arun and Siddesh secured the first place and  Shad, Shreyas, Shawn and Shannon secured the 2nd place.

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