NCSCC-17: Tutorial on IoT and Smart Environments by TCS at SJEC

Jun 30, 2017 @ 9:15 AM

A tutorial on Internet of Things IoT and Smart Environments by TCS – Bengaluru was organised at SJEC. The tutorial was part of the ongoing Two Days National Conference on Smart Computing and Control NCSCC-17. The tutorial was delivered by Dr Bighnaraj Panigrahi, Scientist at TCS Innovation Labs – Bengaluru. Internet of Things IoT is a widely applicable concept revolutionizing human interactions with the world around. It is a worldwide network of interconnected objects, uniquely addressable based on standard communication protocols. Dr Panigrahi explained the basic technology behind IoT and offered insights into IoT’s potential applications and research avenues that could be pursued at SJEC. Considering the recent initiative of Mangalore being declared India’s Start-up district by the GOI, IoT offers great opportunity for the young graduates at SJEC and Mangalore in general to develop innovations that will help Mangalore truly become a Smart City.

Dr Panigrahi began by describing the Internet of Things IoT as the next in line following the revolutionary invention of the Internet and Cellular networks. He mentioned that; heterogeneity, interoperability, intercommunication, and automation as the areas of influence of IoT. He provided the data of 1% of ‘things’ in the world are connected currently and from 10 billion things of today, around 50 billion things will be connected by 2020. Companies across the globe have invested 14 Trillion Dollars over the past 10 years on IoT, and this signifies the interest in IoT and its integration on human life in the future. From, Industrial Automation, Health Care, and Smart Homes, to Agriculture, Defence, and Smart Cities, IoT find applications everywhere. Research on IoT related technologies, such as, IoT devices, Network Architecture and Protocols, Fog Computing, Internet of Everything, and Security & Privacy, are currently being pursued worldwide. Dr Panigrahi also explained about the ongoing IoT related activities at TCS – Bengaluru and concluded with a video of a Smart Home demonstrating all the applications of IoT that were explained. 

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