CSE: Engineers' Day Celebration 2017

Sep 27, 2017

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering celebrated the Engineers’ Day - 2017 on 27th September 2017. Four events were conducted as part of the celebrations: Paper Presentation, Technical Event (Think.Predict.Code), Non-technical event (EXPODIAN), Semi-Technical event (TECH-TANA-TAN). The Details of the events are provided below.

Paper Presentation

The program began with a welcome speech. Mr Prathviraj, Assistant Professor-CSE and Ms Sridevi Saralaya, Associate Professor - CSE were the judges of the competition. There were a total of 9 teams that participated and the topic given was 'New technology related to Computer Science'. All the teams showed great enthusiasm and performed well. The winners were Ms Nasil Saniyah and Ms Archana KL of II year CSE and the second prize was bagged by Ms Mranali and Ms Merin of II year CSE.


The technical event Think.Predict.Code gave a platform to students to exhibit their technical knowledge in Computer Science and also gave an opportunity for the students to interact with each other, Teams of maximum three members were accepted. The event was held at Room No. 3603 from 2.00p.m. to 5.00 p.m. 19 teams participated in the event. The event consisted of 3 rounds. In the first round a set of 20 questions were given related to the Computer Science field. 16 Teams moved on to the second round. In the second round a set of 15 questions of C/Java code were given where the teams had to predict the output, 10 teams moved to the 3rd round. In the last round, the teams had to code in C/Java. The first place was bagged by Mr Hansen D’silva, Mr Harold, Mr Balasubramanian 4th Year - CSE and the second place was bagged by MsJoslinD’cunha, MrRaghavendra and Mr Prajwal 3rd Year – CSE. Mrs RenukaTantry and Mrs Pramila, Asst. Professor of CSE Department handed over the Certificates to the winners.


Expodian was a mega event and also a non technical event, it consisted of three rounds. This was an event with each team having four members in them. Students of first, second and third year participated in the event.

First round was a quiz in which 32 teams participated. Each team had to answer 20 multiple choice questions based on logical reasoning, general knowledge and Math. They were given 20 minutes to answer them. 12 teams were qualified for the next round. The qualified teams were about to find the treasure that was a way to the last round of this event. Treasure Hunt had 6 clues which were all around the campus. The teams had to solve the riddles which were the clues and go to that location and get another clue. Out of 12 teams 6 were selected for the next round.

Stress interview was the last round in which the teams were asked to select one representative who will be facing the interview. These 6 representatives were given few questions which they had to answer and based on these answers they were interviewed. Dr Binu K.G., Associate Professor  -  Mechanical Engineering Department and Mr Gerald Fernandes, Assistant Professor - Computer Science Department were the judges who interviewed the participants.

First place was bagged by Mr Vishal, Ms Siya, Mr Floyd and Mr Suhas of 1st year G section who were given away their certificates and prize by Dr Binu K G. Second place was bagged by Mr Ranson, Mr Ravi, Mr Royson and Mr Sagar of 1st year B section and their prize and certificates were given away by Ms Anusha MM of Computer Science Department.


The semi-technical event of the Engineers’ Day 2017, Tech-Tana-Tan, was conducted on 27th September 2017. The event encompassed technical aspects like the knowledge of prominent technology personalities, typing ability and general computer knowledge along with non-technical topics which included current affairs, famous brands and trademarks and a common knowledge of the college and its facilities.

The first round was called QuizUp which saw twenty-six teams of three participants each, participate in a quiz whose questions tested their general knowledge and awareness. Fifteen teams moved on to the next round, named Fastest-Finger-First where one member of each team was tested on their tying abilities and once the first phase of the round was completed, the entire team had to answer questions whose answers were hidden in a daily newspaper. The final round saw the final five teams run around on a treasure hunt, ultimately arriving at a laboratory where team members were made to type out a simple message based on the clues found out during the hunt on a desktop whose display was flipped and on keyboards whose keys had been switched up. The round was rightly called Flip-It-2-Win-It.

Ms Vaishnavi and team of Fifth Semester computer Science won the first prize, writing the passage the quickest, followed closely by Mr Nigel and team who bagged the second prize.


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