ME: Engineers' Day Celebrations 2017

Sep 27, 2017

SJEC organized Engineers’ Day Celebration on 27th September 2017. On this occasion various activities were conducted by Torque - Students Association of Mechanical Engineering Department in showcasing the technical skills of its students.

Following are the Event wise description.

1) Event Name: Sketch It

            Event Time: 11:00AM-1:00PM

            Event Venue: Room No.3211, 2nd Floor, AB-3

            Number of participants: 11                                                                           

            Student Coordinators: 1. Mr. Puneet Sanil    

                                                2. Mr. Joseph Prashwin Dsouza                                                         Event Winners:


Vishwanath- VIIth Sem


Sameer Hussain- VIIth Sem


Saqib Hassan-  VIIth Sem

The participants drew 3-D sketch of mechanical devices or components of their choice. They were given a total of 2 hours to complete the sketch. The judges evaluated the sketches done by the participants based on the complexity, accuracy and neatness. 

2) Event Name: Mr Machinist

            Event Time: 1:30PM-5:00PM

            Event Venue: Machine Shop

            Number of participants: 12 Teams (4 in a team)                                         

            Student Coordinators:            1. Mr. Pavan Kumar  

                                                            2. Mr. Vybhav Shetty                                    

            Event Winners:                       1. Mr. Harshith Kumar- Vth Sem

                                                            2. Mr. Mohammed Zayan Azad- IIIrd Sem


Participants were given hints and the team found the hidden metal objects. (Layout of the whole workshop was given.)


Parts found in 1st round were used to make model. The team which assembles the equipment first was selected for the next round.


A picture of assembled equipment was shown and the dismantled part of the same equipment was given. The team which assembles the equipment first was selected for the next round.


A set of tasks were given to complete in certain time.


This round was revealed on the spot.

3) Event Name: Build IT

            Event Time: 3:15PM-4:45PM

            Event Venue: Kalam Auditorium

            Number of participants: 14 Teams (2 in a team)                                                     

            Student Coordinators:            1. Mr.  Duane Clive Gonsalves

                                                            2. Mr.  Sharmith Shankar T                          

            Event Winners:                      


Akshaya Kumar and Jithesh- VIIth Sem


Sameer Hussain and Saqib Hassan-  VIIth Sem

The participants were given 2 sheets of chart paper, a bottle of gum and craft sticks. With the given items the participants were supposed to build a model of either an automobile or aircraft of their choice. The judges will evaluate the models done by the participants based on the creativity and execution.

4) Event Name: Can you CAMD?

            Event Time: 1:45PM-3:45PM

            Event Venue: CAMD Lab Academic Block III

            Number of participants: 15                                                   

            Student Coordinators:            1. Mr. Sharon Helson Tauro  

                                                            2. Mr. Jayaraj S A                                         

            Event Winners:                      


Mr. Kiran K- VIIth Sem


Mr.  Vishwanath-  VIIth Sem

The events consisted of 2 rounds of 1 hour each. The contestants were given model along with all the dimensions necessary to prepare the 3-D model of the same in Solid Egde ST7 software. The time taken by the contestants to prepare both the model was noted. Among the contestants completing both the models in the given time without any errors, the individual with the shortest time was declared the winner. Among the contestants failing to complete both the models in time, the individual completing majority of the model with fewer errors won the event.

5) Event Name: Technical Quiz

            Event Time: 2:00PM-5:00PM

            Event Venue: Kalam Auditorium

            Number of participants: 25 Team (2 per team)                                

            Student Coordinators:       1. Mr. Glevin Andrade

                                                      2. Mr. Jokshith Dsouza                                                         

            Event Winners:


Shreyas S. K. and Anurag T K- VIIth Sem


Achyuth Diwakar Tonpe and Gautam Vinay- Ist Sem

Round 1 - Technical and General Awareness

There were total of 40 questions, out of which 25 were technical (covering all branches) and 15 on general awareness and current issues.

Time limit for this round was 40 min.

It has both MCQ and non MCQ questions

25 teams with least scores was eliminated.

Round 2 - cross word and puzzle

There were a total of 25 questions

Time limit for this round was 25 min.

10 teams with least scores will be eliminated

Round 3 - Recent trends in engineering

There were a total of 15 questions

Questions related to latest inventions and developments in engineering were asked

Time limit for this round was 15 min.

5 Teams with least scores were eliminated

Round 4 - Pick and answer

There were a total of 25 questions

Time limit for this round was 25 min.

Round 5 - Buzzer and guess the logo

There were a total of 25 questions

Time limit for this round was 25 min.

6) Event Name: Tech-Hunt

            Event Time: 1:30PM-4:30PM

            Event Venue: Kalam Auditorium

            Number of participants: 15 Teams (2 in a team)                 

            Student Coordinators:            1. Mr. Marissa Serrao

                                                            2. Mr. Robin Monis                                                   

            Event Winners: 


Mahin Saif Nowl and Nihal Abdulla- VIIth Sem


Robin Sequeira and Melon Thomas Lobo-  VIIth Sem

The event consisted of 5 rounds. The participants were initially given a riddle. The contestants deciphered the riddle which leads them to their second riddle. The team deciphering all the riddles and reaching the starting point first were declared winners.

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