EEE : Industrial Visit To Varahi

Feb 8, 2018

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering organized an industrial visit to Varahi Hydro-Electric Project, Varahi on 8th March for the final year students. The visit aimed at enhancing knowledge & visualization of hydro-electric power plants.

Mr.Zaheer Ahmed, Asst. Engineer, KPCL, Varahi, welcomed the students and faculty. The blue print of the entire power plant along with a video was explained to the students by Mr.Zaheer. He stated that Varahi hydro power plant has an installed capacity of 230MW each at stage I and stage II, contributing a total of 1100MU annually. This consists of 4 x 115 MW generating units at Varahi underground powerhouse and two 4.5 MW units in the powerhouse at the Mani Dam site. The team also visited the Pickup dam. Additionally the practical aspects of SCADA control room were explained. The working of the entire power plant which included turbines, lubricants used, transformers, nozzle, buccholz relay etc. were explained in detail.

The visit helped the E&E students gain in-depth practical knowledge on generation, transmission, switchgear & protection devices. A total of 50 final year students participated in the industrial visit.

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