EPSILON-PHY: Outreach at Schools

Feb 3, 2018

Epsilon’- Association of Department of Physics at SJEC organized an outreach programme for students in Adarsha High School, Taccode, Moodbidri and St Joseph Higher Primary School, Taccode, Moodbidri on 3 February 2018. 18 BE students accompanied by four Faculty members from the Department of Physics carried out the outreach programme.

Ms Winnifed, Headmistress of St Joseph Higher Primary School welcomed the staff and the. Around 40 primary school students attended the programme. Dr Rajesh Kumar P C briefed the students on the purpose of having the outreach programme.

At Adarsha High School, Ms Zita Dias, Headmistress, welcomed the team. Dr Vincent Crasta briefed the gathering of 60 high school students attending the programme about this outreach programme.

Ms Pooja, Ms Manisha and Ms Swasthi delivered a presentation on various topics along with animations and video clips to the primary school students. Later, the school students were divided into 3 groups for the demonstration of various experiments until 12:00 pm.

Ms Vaishnavi delivered a presentation on various topics to the high school students. Later the school students were divided into 4 groups to demonstrate to them, various experiments till 12:15 pm.

Dr Vincent Crasta and Dr Rajesk Kumar P C thanked the Headmistresses of both High School and Primary School for the opportunity to conduct the outreach programme in their schools and inspired the students to work hard and become the future scientists of the nation.

The outreach programme was a grand success and provided a platform for students to work in groups and be socially responsible. They also understood how they can be helpful to the society being engineers. It was a very good experience for faculty too to understand the needs of the students in rural schools.

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