EEE:KPTCL Kavoor Substation visit

Apr 7, 2018 - Apr 7, 2018 @ 9:30 AM

A one-day industrial visit to KPTCL, 220KV Substation near Kavoor was organized by the EELS association of the Electrical and Electronics Department for the 4th semester students on 7th April 2018. A group of 55 students visited the 220 KV / 132 KV / 33 KV / 11 KV substation. Er Yathindra from KPTCL provided information regarding the substation. He stated that duplex transmission lines of 220 KV is supplied from Kemar to the substation. Students were introduced to the practical aspects of the substation layout. Students observed the layout of GOS, insulators, circuit breakers, current transformers, potential transformers and other substation components, which form the main parts of the substation. Students were explained the layout of control room, battery room and SCADA system by the KPTCL official. They also had a glimpse of the single line diagram of the substation. The industrial visit gave an insight into the practical aspects of power transmission to the students.

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