EEE:Industrial Visit to Adani Power Plant(UPCL)

Apr 23, 2018 - Apr 23, 2018 @ 9:30 AM

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering organized an industrial visit for second year students to Adani power plant (UPCL), Padubidri on 23rd April 2018. A group of 56 students accompanied by the department faculty members Mr Sathisha K & Ms Madhavi, Assistant Professor, Department of E&E visited the plant. The objective of the visit was to enhance the knowledge & visualization of Power generation, transmission and distribution.

Mr Lalitha Prasad Sharma, HR Admin, Adani power plant (UPCL) welcomed the participants and delivered the information pertaining to the plant operation. Adani power plant is an imported coal-based thermal power plant and this is the first independent power project in the country to operate on imported coal and also was awarded as a ‘MEGA PROJECT’. There are two 600MW power generation units ( i.e 2X600MW=1200MW) where 90% of the power will be supplied to Karnataka, the remaining will be supplied to Punjab, for which necessary Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) have been made with the five Escoms/Discoms of Karnataka and Punjab State Electricity Boards respectively.

The blueprint of the entire power plant along with a plant model was explained to the students. The working of the plant which includes turbines, generators, transformers, water purification, coal and ash handling/storage units were explained in detail. Students also got information of Digital control system used to monitor the entire plant.

The outcome of the visit has enabled the E&E students to gain an in-depth practical knowledge on thermal power plant, transmission, distribution of power and safety practices followed in power plants.

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