ME: Safety Awareness Program for III year Mechanical Engineering Students at MCF Mangalore

Apr 3, 2018 - Apr 27, 2018

A Safety Awareness Program for III year Mechanical Engineering Students was conducted section-wise at MCF Mangaluru in the first and last week of April 2018 under the guidance of Prof Somashekaran S., Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at SJEC. This visit to a chemical industry was arranged as a part of the new CBCS syllabus of elective subject - Industrial Safety, for III year students.

The program started with an overview of the industry delivered at the the Learning and Development Cell at MCF Mangalore. This was done under the supervision of Mrs Jacintha from MCF Mnagalore.  Mr Somashekaran then elaborated on the various departments, the layout, possible hazards and the safety measures present in the industrial setup. This also included several safety measures taken by MCF for the well-being of the general public in the vicinity of the industry. After this brief introduction, Mr Ravichandran explained about how the facility operates during emergency. Students were then taken to the fire safety and control section and the medical facility which was well equipped to overcome fatal incidents. Towards the end, students were taken to the incident safety room where a demonstration about the various tools like oxygen masks, fire resistant suits, alkali resistant safety wear, boots and helmets was given to the students.

The Safety awareness program provided students a good insight into the safety aspects that followed in a processing industry. 

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