Workshop on Public Speaking in collaboration with Port Town Advanced Toastmasters

Dec 5, 2017 @ 9:00 AM

A half-day workshop on public speaking was organized by the Department of Business Administration in collaboration with the Port Town Advanced Toastmasters, on December 5th, 2017. The purpose of the workshop was to hone and enhance the communication and public speaking skills of the students. It aimed to help the students develop innovative ideas and enable them to speak confidently in front of a live audience.

The workshop began at 9:20am with a welcome address and introduction to the guests from Port Town Advanced Toastmasters by Dr Anjali Ganesh. The resource persons included Dr​ ​Malini​ ​Hebbar​, Distinguished Toastmaster and Coordinator of Port Town Advanced Toastmasters, Ms.Bharathi​ ​Shevgur​, Distinguished Toastmaster of Port Town Advanced Toastmasters.

Dr Malini Hebbar conducted the first session for the day, which consisted of two activities. Stressing on the idea that the best way to learn is through participation Dr Hebbar requested for a few volunteers for the first activity. Mr Austin and Ms Felcine from first year MBA volunteered. Each volunteer was given a set of words by Dr Hebbar which they had to had to express through movements of their fingers, face, leg and then with their hip. The crowd was divided into two groups and were made to guess the words being enacted.

The learning outcomes of this activity were:
● Importance of gestures in communication, not everyone grasps it intuitively
● The significance of body movements in revealing ones thoughts, moods and attitude
● Awareness of one’s body language in order to ensure projection of the right message
● Teamwork and co-ordination
● To be perpetual learners

Dr Hebbar conducted the second activity where she requested for nine student volunteers. Eight student volunteers were given a statement to say out loud. The ninth volunteer had to listen to all the eight statements. The statements were then repeated again by the eight students out of which one was altered on request by Dr Hebbar. The volunteer listening to the statements had to identify the statement that had altered.

The learning outcomes of this activity were
● Identification of the speaker’s purpose and tone
● Consciousness of ones surroundings
● Making a conscious decision to listen

Before winding up the session, Dr Hebbar displayed slides containing the following words: AWRY, YACHT, GIGANTIC, ZEALOUS, DEBRIS, ELITE, FAÇADE, JEOPARDY, QUAY, CHASM, ONION and NICHE. Two student volunteers Ms Swathi and Mr Marvin were requested to pronounce these words. The audience learnt the correct pronunciation for these words.

Dr Anjali Ganesh thanked Dr Hebbar at the end of first the session.

Ms.Bharathi Shevgur conducted the second session at 11:20am. Addressing the significance of various behavioral aspects of group discussion, two different group activities were conducted. The first activity was an unguided group discussion where the students were divided into eleven groups of five to six members each. While interacting with the students Ms Bharathi stressed that every member in the group needed to voice their opinion about the topic specified . The topic for discussion was, “Is 24X7 news coverage needed?” and the time allotted was 8 minutes.

The learning outcomes of this activity included:
● Encourage participation of all
● Co-ordination and co-operation among the members
● Building team spirit

Ms Shevgur explained the benefits of group discussion to the audience. One’s true personality and qualities of leadership crystallize during active participation in group discussions which is also why they are an important part of recruitment processes.

The second group activity was conducted in two phases. The first was called ‘Face It’, where each individual in the group had to face a question asked by the group. The second phase was ‘Mock Press’ where group members could ask any question to an individual, mimicking a press conference. The learning outcome of this activity was to be proactive and speak confidently. Ms Shevgur informed the students that while facing a discussion or an audience, one should always have a suitable posture. Tips on how to refuse a question in a professional way were also communicated.

Dr Anjali Ganesh expressed her feedback on the session and delivered the vote of thanks which concluded the program.

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