CIVIL: Visit to Sree Devi College Hostel Construction Site

Apr 3, 2018

The Department of Civil Engineering organized a one-day Site visit for the 8th semester Civil Engineering students, on 03/04/2018, to a construction site located opposite Sree Devi College Office, MG. Road - Mangalore. Three faculty members Ms. Apoorva K V, Mr. Chitharanjan and Dr. Nalini Rebello, HOD-Civil Engineering, accompanied a group of 22 students. The site under construction is a site to be used for a hostel intended to have 7+1 floors. Total number of piles that are to be installed at the site are 121 in number of which 46 piles were already installed at the site. The piles are 600mm in diameter and are designed to carry a load of 160T with diameter of 16mm as the main reinforcement.

The water table at the site was at 1m depth and upon excavation, it was noticed that in some places there were soft pockets of soil like Lithomargic clay (Shedi soil) which is a very weak soil. At a few places, piles were installed at a very short depth of 8m and at a few places at deeper depths of upto 17m. Students were able to observe the two locations of piling: In the first one a combination of chisel and bailer were used to excavate the soil mass and water present. The cables were placed on a tripod, which was used for raising and lifting the chisel and the bailer. A 3 m casing was also provided at that particular site. In the second location, the process of pouring of concrete into the borehole with simultaneous jetting of the chisel into the ground was observed. In addition to piling students observed concreting procedure and bar bending for the main reinforcement of the piles. The site visit provided a wholesome experience of construction practices adopted at sites.

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