ECE: Peer Learning talk on Arduino

Nov 7, 2018 - Nov 7, 2018

On November 7th, 2018 a peer learning talk was conducted on “Arduino” by Mohammed Arslaan Kola and Chaithra from 4th year -Electronics and Communication Department, St. Joseph Engineering College; for the students of 2nd year at the Fr Fred Memorial Hall. This talk was arranged by the Prodigi association of the Electronics department. It was aimed at motivating the students to develop various projects and introducing them to Arduino - an open source, physically programmable circuit board.

The talk began with Mr. Mohammed introducing the speakers and setting forth the importance of building educational projects. He gave a brief introduction to Internet of Things and acquainted the students with the basic concepts of Arduino. The session was further carried out by Ms. Chaithra who explained the hardware and the basic programming commands required for working with the Arduino board. She also introduced the students to some basic sensors required for project building. The talk was concluded by Mr. Mohammed followed by a question and answer session.

Finally, Ms Prajwal D’souza – Associate Professor, Electronics and Communication Department delivered the vote of thanks and encouraged the students to come up with new projects.   Ms Jayalakshmi K. P the faculty coordinator was also present

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