Republic Day 2019

Jan 26, 2019 - Jan 26, 2019 @ 8:30 AM

The 70th Republic Day of our Nation was celebrated in SJEC at 8:30 am in front of the Administrative Block. Dr Binu K G, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering at SJEC graced the occasion as Chief Guest. Rev. Fr Wilfred Prakash D’Souza, Director – SJEC, Rev. Fr Rohith D’Costa, Assistant Director – SJEC, Dr Rio D’Souza, Principal – SJEC, , Dr Joseph Gonsalvis, CORD – SJEC were the other dignitaries present on the occasion.

The celebrations began with a beautiful rendition of the song Mera Mulk Mera Desh by Mr Ashwin Shetty, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering. The Chief Guest, Dr Binu K G., then hoisted the National Flag. The Security Personnel of SJEC led the gathering in saluting the National Flag and rendering of the National Anthem.

Breaking away from the usual pattern, Dr Binu listed his Republic Day resolutions, and through those resolutions spoke of issues that he considered important.

The first resolution pertained to the refusal to forward hatredness in all its forms. Dr Binu's focus was on social media. He spoke of the need to refrain from forwarding the trolls and memes that insults people of the opposing ideologies. He made the distinction of fighting ideologies and not people.

The second resolution was related to sharing a portion of what he revives with people who need them know. His reference was to the need of sharing monetary benefits, knowledge, and time with people in need. He recited the example of the sea of Galilee, that shares it's water received from Jordan river and hence remains full of life, as against the Dead Sea that just receives water from sea and Galilee without giving it off and hence remains dead.

He mentioned the need to share for a meaningful and fuller life. The third resolution was regarding his intention to identify a social issue and work for it. He remembered his friend from a neighboring Engineering College who spends some of his weekends clearing the neighborhood of plastics with his family. Terming his friend's actions as inspiring, Dr Binu expressed his intentions of working on any of the issues.

The fourth resolution was about spending more time with his son to share values and beliefs that he acquired over the people. He reminded people of the need for bringing out a better generation to take the country forward.

Before concluding, Dr Binu mentioned of the subsiding patriotism in youth as alarming. He mentioned about a discussion with a relative who mentioned that patriotism does not come naturally to him.  He also mentioned of a recent experience in Hyderabad with a cab driver, who was very forthcoming in his hatredness for the country and his irritation at having to sing the national anthem. Leaving the issue for the audience to ponder over, Dr Binu concluded his talk by stressing on the need for the final push needed towards eradicating poverty and illiteracy and how patriotism is essential to do the same.

He conveyed his Republic Day wishes and thanked the audience for their patience.

The function ended with distribution of sweets.

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