Educational Details

Degree : B.Tech
Year : 2008
University : Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
PG Degree : M.Tech.
Year : 2012
University : V.T.U.

Teaching Experience

From 07/2012 till date

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Assistant Professor

Specialization PG

Digital Electronics and Communication

Subjects teaching at Under Graduate level

Theory: Digital Signal Processing, Signals and Systems, Speech Processing, Digital Communication, Wireless Communication, Basic Electronics

Lab: DSP , AEC+LIC, Analog Communication, Advanced Communication, Digital Design

Subjects teaching at Post Graduate level

Theory: Modern DSP

Lab: DSP

Technical Interest

Compressed Sensing, OFDM, Digital signal processors,  Speech processing

Skill Set

Good MATLAB programming and debugging skill. Other programming languages of interest are C and python

Other Simulation tools: Multisim, SCILAB

Good Circuit debugging skill

Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point, Word

National journals

[1]'High Performance Interconnection Technology in Avionics' (Short Communication), Defence Science Journal, 2011, 61(4), pp.354-363, DOI:

International journals

[1]C.R. Raghunath, U. Raghunath, H.S. Yeshaswini, H. Rashmi, "Development of new laminates for high performance interconnection technology in avionics applications", Circuit World, Vol. 39 Iss: 1, pp.22 - 30 
(Scopus Indexed)

[2]Rashmi H, Surya Surendra ,'Compressed Sensing in Data Security', IJECT Vol. 5, Issue 2, pp 165-169
ISSN: 2230-7109(Online)
ISSN: 2230-9543(Print) April - June 2014

Papers Presented in National Conference

[1] Ms Rashmi H, 'Impedance and Standing wave ratio due to Arching in Power Grid' National Conference on Advances in Communication and Signal Processing(NCACSP) ISBN: 978-93-82880-42-2, page 40-43

[2] Ms Surya Surendran,Ms Rashmi H. 'Comparison of Image Compression using DCT and Compressed Sensing', Recent Advances in Communication Networks-NCRACN’14
(Unpublished. Proceedings in a CD), 21-22, March 2014, RNSIT, Bengaluru

[3]Surya Surendran, Rashmi H, ‘Compressed Sensing for Secured Data Transmissions’ National Conference on Advances in Communication and Signal Processing (NCACSP) , ISBN:978-93-83842-65-0, Pages 66-68

[4] Ms Flavita Janice Pinto, Ms Rashm H, 'A Comparative Study on Compression and Compressed Sensing based on Spoken Data in Voice Characterisation' National Conference on Advances in Communication and Signal Processing (NCACSP-2015)
ISBN: 978-93-81195-84-0

[5] Mr VigneshAithal, Mr Rajesh M ,Mr Vishesh S Rao, Mr VivekUdupa and Ms Rashmi H,'Smart Water Distribution System' National Conference on Advances in Communication and Signal Processing (NCACSP 2016)
ISBN: 978-93-81195-87-1, Pages: 37-42

[6] Atiqa Arif Hasan, and Rashmi H, "Comparison of Compressed Sensing Techniques for Sparse Channel Estimation in OFDM system" , National Conference on Advances in Communication and Signal Processing (NCACSP 2017) (Proceedings in CD)

Papers Presented in International Conference

[1] Ms Flavita Janice Pinto, Ms Rashmi H, 'A comparative study on Compression and Compressed Sensing of Speech SIgnals, ICESMART-2015, T John Institute of Technology, pp 25-28, published by IJERT 

[2] Prof. C. R. Raghunath ,Ms Rashmi H , Ms Athira Pillai, Ms Sara Mohan, 'Circuit Protecton against arcing by intelligent spectral analysis' I4C-2014: International Conference on Circuits, Control, Communication and Controlling, 20 – 22, Nov 2014
MSRIT, Bengaluru

[3]Atiqa Arif Hasan, and Rashmi H, “Performance Evaluation of Orthogonal Matching Pursuit for Sparse Channel Estimation and Channel Equalization in OFDM Systems,” Special issue of NMAMIT Annual Research: Proc. 7th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering (ICETE 2017), May 12, 2017, ISSN No. 2249-0426, pp. 165-169.

Number of academic projects guided

UG : 7
PG : 3

Workshop Attend

1) Advances in RF and Wireless Technology, 18th to 20th March 2013, MSRIT, Bangalore

2)Hand on Training program on Scientific Computing Using Open Souce Software –Scilab for Signal and Image processing, 26th -28th  June 2014, MSRIT, Bangalore

3) 'LAB VIEW ',24th to 25th July 2013, S.J C Institute of Technology, Chikkaballapura

4)Two weeks ISTE workshop on “Signals and Systems” Conducted by IIT Kharagpur from 2nd to 12th January 2014 held at Srinivas Institute of Technology , Valachil.

5)“Integra 2014” , a Faculty Development Programme on Outcome Based Education 10th -12th July 2014, St Joseph Engineering College, Mangalore

6) Spoorthi 2015, Workshop On Google Apps SJEC, Mangaluru, 24 January 2015

7)Integra Series - Session on Preparation of Accreditation, SJEC, Mangaluru, July 2015

8)' Advanced Simulation using MATLAB' 5 days workshop, Organised by SJEC in associasion with CorEL technologies, Bengaluru, July 18-22, 2016, SJEC, Mangaluru
9) ' Virtual Laboratory ' 2 days Workshop, Organised by Dept of ECE, SJEC during Jan 9-10, 2017

Workshops/Seminars organized

1) Coordinator of 5 days workshop on ' Advanced Simulation using MATLAB' , Organised by SJEC in associasion with CorEL technologies, Bengaluru, July 18-22, 2016, SJEC, Mangaluru

Awards and Achivements

Secured First Rank in M.Tech, Digital Electronics and Comunication degree in the examinations held during the year 2010-12.

Won the Gold Medal in the Graduation day ceremony of M.S Ramaiah Insttute of Technology, Bangalore held on 31st August 2012 for securing highest CGPA in Digital Electronics and Communication.

Details of membership in Professional bodies

IEEE membership

Administrative Responsibilities

EMS Coordinator (ECE- IV year) 

Details of interaction with outside world

Interests / Hobbies


Other Related Info

Technical Assistance for DRDO Sponsored project “Microwave characterization of ceramics and ceramic matrix composite by complex dielectric constants at elevated temperatures” Project Outlay:9.8 lakhs.

This project was carried out at M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology under the guidance of Prof. C R Raghunath, Dept. of ECE and principal investigator for DRDO project.

Project reference no: DMRL/0/CARS-14/TC, dated 12-12-2011