Educational Details

Degree : B.Sc.
Year : 1994
University : Mangalore University
PG Degree : M.Sc.
Year : 1996
University : Mangalore University
Doctoral Degree : Ph.D.(Physics)
Year : 2013
University : Mangalore University
Other Degree : MIT
Year : 2005
University : MAHE

Teaching Experience

i)Period: Twelve Years (Sept 2002 to till date)   

Department: Physics

Institution: St. Joseph Engineering College, Mangalore

Designation: Associate Professor      

ii)Period: Four and half years (Feb 1998 to Sept 2002)

Department: Physics

Institution: KVG College of Engineering, Sullia

Designation: Lecturer

iii)Period: One and half Years (Sept1996 to Feb1998)

Department: Physics

Institution:  Sri Bhuvanendra College Karkala 

Designation: Lecturer

Research Experience

01/11/2011 to till date

Specialization Ph.D

Nonlinear Optical materials

Specialization PG

Modern Physics

Other Specialization

Crystal growth, Photonics

Subjects teaching at Under Graduate level

Engineering Physics, Engineering Physics lab, Solid state devices and Technology, Field Theory, Basic Electronics, Sound, Lasers, Wave Mechanics, Optical Communication, Modern Physics, Solid State Physics etc.

Technical Interest

Nano technology, Photonics

Skill Set

Design of Nonlinear optical materials, Crystal Growth, Z-Scan, XRD Analysis.

National journals

Third order optical non-linearity of a novel chalcone derivative through Z scan technique.

K Janardhana, V Ravindrachary, P C Rajesh Kumar, G Umesh, K B Manjunatha & Ismayil, Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics Vol. 51, December 2013, pp. 844-850

International journals

1)Crystal Growth and Third order NLO Properties of a Photonic Material

P. C. Rajesh Kumar, K. Janardhana, Vincent Crasta, J. Molecular Structure 1059 (2014) 118–123

2)Third order nonlinear optical studies of 1-(4-chloro phenyl)-3-(4-dimethylamino phenyl) prop-2-en-1-one.

K. Janardhana, V. Ravindrachary,  P.C. Rajesh Kumar, Yogisha, Ismayil, J. Crystal Growth, 368 (2013) 11–20

3)Investigation of Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Properties of Pyrazoline-Doped Polyvinyl Alcohol Films.

K. Janardhana, V. Ravindrachary, P C Rajesh Kumar, Ismayil, POLYMER ENGINEERING AND SCIENCE-2013, 53 (2013)1958–1967

4)Structural and optical properties of a new chalcone single crystal.

P C Rajesh Kumar, V Ravindrachary, K Janardhana, Boja Poojary

J. Crystal Growth, 354 (2012) 182-187

5)Linear and NLO properties of an organic single crystal.

P C Rajesh Kumar, V Ravindrachary, K Janardhana, Boja Poojary, K B Manjunath, G Umesh, AIP Conf. Proc. 1447 (2012) 1343

6)Nonlinear optical studies of a novel pyrazoline.

K Janardhana, V Ravindrachary, P C Rajesh Kumar, Umesh G, K B

Manjunatha and Ismayil, AIP Conf. Proc. AIP Conf. Proc. 1447 (2012) 1261

7)Optical and structural properties of chalcone NLO single crystals.

P C Rajesh Kumar, V Ravindrachary, K Janardhana, H R. Manjunath, Prakash  Karegouda, Vincent Crasta, M A Sridhar,

J. Molecular structure, 1005 (2011) 1-7

8)Growth, characterization and crystal structure of 1-(2’-Thiophen)-3-(2,3,5- trichlorophenyl)-2-propen-1-one.

H R Manjunath, P C Rajesh Kumar, S Naveen, V Ravindrachary, M A Sridhar, J. Shashidhara Prasad, Prakash Karegoudar, J. Crystal Growth, 327 (2011) 161-166

9)Synthesis and characterization of organic NLO compound.

P C Rajesh Kumar, V Ravindrachary, K Janardhana, H R Manjunath and Prakash Karegouda,AIP Conf. Proc. 1349 (2011) 1291

10)Third order optical nonlinearity of a pyrazoline.

K. Janardhana, V. Ravindrachary, P C Rajesh Kumar, Yogisha, Bhoja Poojary, K  B Manjunatha and Ismayil, AIP Conf. Proc. 1349 (2011)1319

11)Dielectric studies on swift heavy ions and electron irradiated organic single crystal.

Vincent Crasta, V Ravindrachary, P C Rajesh Kumar, S Ganesh, AIP Conf. Proc. 1349 (2011) 163

Research Project

Project Title: Growth, Characterization and Properties of Photonic materials

Funding Agency: VTU

Project Duration :Two Years

 Project Outcomes: One paper has been published in an International Journal, Journal of Molecular Structure(Elsevier) and One paper presented in the  national conference.

Workshop Attend

i) Work Shop on Optics and Photonics

18-19 August 2005

Dept of Physics, NIT, Trichy

ii)National workshop on Electronic and Optical materials and Devices

24-25 August 2006


iii)Soft skills Train- the- trainer workshop

4-6 August 2008

Sjec, Mangalore

iv)Nanoscience and Technology

23-24 March 2009

Yenepoya University

v)National seminar on Current trends in Material science(CTMS-09)

2-3 December 2009

Dept of Physics, MAHE, Manipal


Appreciative Experimental Learning workshop-Spoorti

9-12 July 2013

Pegasus Institute of Excellence, Bangalore

Details of membership in Professional bodies

Year of Joining:1999

Administrative Responsibilities

Sports Advisor for the Academic Year 2016-17 

Details of interaction with outside world

Event Title:Human Resource Development
Role: Resource Person

Interests / Hobbies

Listening to music, playing cricket

Other Related Info