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Jagruti: Talk on Adolescent Health Aspects

Adolescent health has become a concern in present day as junk food and internet browsing is a top priority of any adolescent. To create awareness on this issue, Dr Jessy Maria D Souza was invited to give a talk on “Adolescent Health Aspects”. The programme was held on 11th September 2015 in Fr Fred Memorial Hall at 3:30 pm.

Dr Jessy provided insights on nutritional requirements in food. She explained that junk food are usually low in fibrous content and are rich in fat and carbohydrates which decreases the ability of students to focus and concentrate. This might adversely affect their academic performances. Dr Jessy also suggested regular exercise and meditation is very important for any individual to overcome stress. She explained that most successful people start their day early in the morning. Also she showed a video clipping which demonstrated how internet browsing has become habitual for teenagers and has spoilt their daily routine work. Around 60 students participated in the programme. Ms Bharathi Rao and staff members of Jagruti committee coordinated the programme.