OBE Process

Outcome-Based Education at SJEC

At SJEC, the OBE system has been implemented since 2011. It has been fine-tuned and institutionalize through focused policy formation and training. The Expert Team of NBA which visited the college in May 2013 has lauded our efforts and encouraged us to go further in this direction. Based on that visit, NBA granted us provisional accreditation for four programs for a period of two years.

Various committees such as Industry Alumni Advisory Board (IAAB), Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), Department Advisory Board (DAB) and Program Assessment Committee (PAC), have been formed by drawing members from Industry, Alumni, Parents, Management, Faculty, Staff and Students. These committees guide and monitor the implementation of OBE in the college.

For more information regarding accreditation, outcome-based assessment and Washington Accord, please visit the NBA website: www.nbaind.org. For more information on the process within SJEC, please visit our website: www.sjec.ac.in.

Key Elements of OBE

The key elements of the OBE process include Vision, Mission, Program Educational Objectives (PEOs), Program Outcomes (POs), and Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs). These have been defined for all the programs, by all the departments, and are presented in the web-pages of the respective departments. An illustration depicting the process of establishing the Vision and Mission Statements along with the process of creating PEOs and their updating is presented below.


An illustration depicting the process of establishing Program Outcomes along with the Cognitive Domain Measures (Bloom’s Taxonomy Levels) is presented below.