Entrepreneurship Development Cell


  1. To provide various services including informatio n to budding Science & Technology entrepreneurships.
  2. To create Entrepreneurial culture in the Institution
  3. To foster linkages between the Institution, Industries in the region and other related organizations engaged in promoting Small & Medium Enterprises.

ECE-IIC/EDC: An Entrepreneur at Ground Zero - A talk

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized a talk titled An Entrepreneur at Ground Zero, under the aegis of Industry Interaction and Entrepreneurship Development Cell of the Department on April 23, 2018 from 10.00 A.M to 11.00 AM at Fr Fred Memorial Hall. Mr Shivraj D Poojary, Software Engineer at Telenetix Private Limited and also Co-founder of SUNSKRIT Futuristic was the resource person of the session.

This talk was organised for 4th year ECE Students. Ms Chrystle Pinto, from 8th semester, ECE welcomed the gathering and introduced the speaker to the audience.

The objective of the talk was to inspire students towards Entrepreneurship and create awareness of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

Mr Shivraj D Poojary started the session by narrating his journey as an entrepreneur. He also provided information about government schemes that support entrepreneurs. He also spoke about Make in India and Digital India policy. He highlighted the skills and strategies students should develop to start their own business.

Dr Dayakshini, HOD of ECE Dept. felicitated Mr Shivraj D Poojary. Around 100 students attended this session. The talk ended with vote of thanks by Ms Chrystle Pinto. Ms Rupal M D D’Souza, Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering at SJEC, organized the talk.

EDC-CSE: Talk on Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized a talk on Entrepreneur on March 23rd 2018 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm in Spoorthi Hall. The Resource Persons were Mr Gopalakrishna Bhat Kakunje, CEO and Managing Director from Kakunje Software Private Ltd, Mangaluru and Ms Namitha Bhat, Software Developer, Kakunje Software Private Ltd, Mangaluru.

The Talk was organized for the 8th semester CSE students and 4th semester MCA students. The programme was aimed at providing information about Entrepreneurship and the steps used to be a successful entrepreneur.

The Programme started at 11:00 am. Ms Tanya Navas and Samantha D Sequeira, students of 8th semester CSE were the Master of Ceremony of the function. Dr Sridevi Saralaya, HOD, Department of CSE and Ms Sunitha Guruprasad, Assistant Professor in the Department of CSE, welcomed the Guests. Without any further delay, the speaker Ms Namitha Bhat started her session. She gave information about Entrepreneurship and the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur. Mr Gopalakrishna Bhat gave detailed information about Starting a Start-Up IT company in India. He spoke about his own experiences of starting a company which included, Infrastructure Management, Financial Management, Employee Management, Marketing Management, Client Management and Project Development Management. He also spoke about Licenses and Copyrights and the facilities available from Government to start a company.

The session was very informative & all students appreciated the programme.

The session concluded at 1:00 pm. Around 150 students participated in the programme. The EDC Committee member-SJEC, Ms Sunitha Guruprasad, Assistant Professor in the Department of CSE coordinated the programme. Mr Gopalakrishna Bhat Kakunje and Ms Namitha Bhat were felicitated with college memento as a token of appreciation.

Civil - EDC: Motivational Talk by Alumni

The Department of Civil Engineering organized a motivational talk under Entrepreneurship Development Cell on 15th March 2018 from 2:15pm to 2:45pm in Bishop Aloysius Paul Hall for Final Semester students. Ms Ashmitha Castelino, Alumni of SJEC and Gold medallist under VTU, currently working as Design Engineer, at Roy & Shenoy, Mangaluru delivered the talk. The talk was aimed to motivate students. Ms Vishika, 8th semester student compered the session. Ms Ivy Savia Dantis welcomed the guest with a flower.

Ms. Ashmitha explained the importance of being active and learning details of various aspects during the engineering programme. She said that all the theory especially the derivations that is learnt during the four years is never used in the field. Learning happens  when people start working. She also motivated the students to know the availability and market rates of building materials and also made a mention that students do not understand the importance of talks and other motivation during the Programme and only realise its value after passing out the College. Often times there is a disconnect between reality and what is delivered in class and hence she requested faculty members to take students to construction sites and explain structural details. Dr Nalini Rebello gave the memento to the guest and appreciated her talk.The session concluded with an interaction with the students followed by vote of thanks.

Dr Nalini Rebello, HOD and faculty of Civil Engineering department were present during the talk. Mr Vijay H., EDC member of Civil Engineering department coordinated the talk.

EEE-EELS: Entrepreneurship Initiative Training

On the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day, the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering organised a finishing school activity for its final year students on 26th April 2017 in Fr. Fred seminar Hall from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm. This finishing school activity aimed at motivating young entrepreneurs and providing them vital information on Technical and Financial support available from government agencies like MSME (micro small& medium enterprise).

The resource person for this seminar was Mr Kalai Socrates, Deputy Director of Ministry of MSME - Yeyyadi, Mangaluru. The seminar focussed on topics like role of entrepreneurs and society, procurement of IPR and financial support from Govt. Agencies, ethical values required in business and challenges / motives for young entrepreneurs. The seminar was followed by a discussion of 20 mins, wherein the resource person clarified the queries from final year EEE start-up aspirants.

The seminar was well appreciated by final year EEE students and faculty members present on the occasion.

ME – IIC: Technical Talk on Water Management and Advances in Water Technology

The Industry Interaction Cell of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at SJEC organized a Technical Talk on Role of youth in water management and Advances in Water Technology on 25th April, 2017 at 3:30 PM in the Bishop Aloysius Paul Hall.

Mr Avin Kajekar, Management Professional and Director of Genio Management Pvt. Ltd, Mangalore, was the resource person. The objective of this programme was to motivate and create awareness among the students to play their role in water management in day to day life and to take up projects in water technology. In his talk, Mr Avin described various ways of water management and how water could be used effectively & efficiently. He also spoke of different ways of controlling usage of water in day to day life.

Mr Avin also included in his presentation, water technologies available and different types of purifiers currently used in the world. Mr Avin also provided suggestions and ideas for students to take up projects in water technologies in their coming semesters. He also mentioned about different funding agencies that funds projects on water technology.

The outcomes of this talk were:

1.     Create awareness about water management and ways of utilising it effectively.

2.     Promote knowledge on water technologies. 

After the presentation, the floor was open for discussion and Mr Avin took on the queries which the students raised.

Around 57 students and 7 Departmental Faculty participated in the event.

Mr Chiranth B.P., Mr. Joel I Concessao, and Mr Binu K.G., the Faculty Coordinators of IIC along with student coordinators: Ashwin Shetty, Duane Gonsalvis,  Kishan, Ashish, and Aditya organized the event.          

Mr Joel I Concessao was the emcee for the event.   

The Industry Interaction Cell expresses its gratitude to The Management - SJEC for their support in organizing this event.

ME-IIC: Industrial visit to Lamina Suspension Products Ltd - Baikampady

The Industry Interaction Cell of Mechanical Engineering Department organized a one-day Industrial visit for pre-final year students to Lamina Springs Pvt. Ltd – Baikampady starting from 25th April, 2017. A total of 50 students along with two Faculty members took part in the visit. The Visit was scheduled for four days for different sections. 

The main objectives of this visit are:

1.     Provide an overview of the Manufacturing Processes involved in manufacturing of Leaf springs

2.     Enhance knowledge on different materials used in the manufacturing processes.

Lamina Suspension Products Ltd., are India's leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter and Dealer of a wide assortment of Leaf Springs, Automobile Leaf Springs which feature higher load capacity, stability and lasting durability. They are also dealing with numerous foreign concerns across the world like USA, UK, Italy, Taiwan, South Korea, France, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Finland, Greece, UAE and many others.

The layout of steps followed in manufacturing of leaf springs was explained by the company supervisor. Students witnessed different process like bending, cutting, rolling, heat treatment and various other manufacturing processes.

The visit has enhanced the students’ knowledge on materials and processes used in manufacturing of leaf springs. Also, various difficulties encountered in manufacturing the same were realized.


CSE-EDC: Workshop on Information Security Awareness

The Computer Science and Engineering Department in association with EDC Cell organized a workshop on Information Security Awareness on 4th April 2016 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm in the Spoorthi Conference Hall for CSE Students. The resource persons were Dr Alwyn Roshan Pais, Assistant Professor, NITK Surathkal, Mr I. L. Narasimha Rao, and Mr CH. A.S Murthy from Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), Hyderabad.  Dr Rio D’Souza, HOD-CSE welcomed the gathering and introduced the speakers to the audience.

Dr. Alwyn R Pais explained the importance of the workshop and also stressed on the growing demand for information security professionals in the future. Mr. CH. A.S Murthy in his talk spoke about the various types of possible cyber attacks and computer viruses. Mr. I. L. Narasimha Rao explained about the recent cyber crimes and how to secure our information while browsing net, logging into mail accounts, the way to block some of the url's from children etc. He informed not to respond to fake lottery e-mails since it is a fraud. He mentioned the need for having strong password and verifying the e-mail ID thoroughly, with each and every letter in the email ID before responding to any e-mails in the business transaction. He also talked about risks involved in online shopping and explained some of the safety measures before going for online shopping. At the end of the workshop, HOD presented mementos to the resource persons as a token of gratitude. The event coordinator Mr Raghavendra Achar thanked Mr I. L. Narasimha Rao and his team on behalf of the SJEC Management, HOD, Staff and Students of CSE.  Ms. Akshatha from VI Semester CSE was the emcee. 

Civil - IIC/EDC: Talk on How to become an Entrepreneur

The Civil Engineering Department under the banner of Industry Interaction and Entrepreneurship Development Cell organized a Talk on How to become an Entrepreneur by Mr Ujwal D’Souza, Proprietor- Marian Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, Mangaluru, on 18th March, 2016 at 11:00 am, in Bishop Aloysius Paul Hall. Er Prem Salian, Treasurer - Association of Consulting Civil Engineers, Mangaluru, and Er Bharath, Member – ACCE, were the other dignitaries at the event.

Dr Nalini Rebello, HOD, Department of Civil Engineering welcomed the gathering and explained to the students the importance of these talks and its effectiveness in creating awareness. Mr Ujwal D’Souza in his talk, informed the students regarding the basic qualities required to become a successful entrepreneur. He further explained the areas into which graduates can look into and also explained regarding each and every documents that are essential to start a new firm. He also explained the different types of tenders and the procedure to quote a tender. The Technical Talk was concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr Prashant Kurdekar, Assistant Professor and Faculty Coordinator of EDC and IIC of the Department of Civil Engineering. 6th and 8th semester students attended the talk.