About Physics Department

The Department of Physics was established in the year 2002 and maintains a creditable record of good performance in teaching and research. The Department has a well-established Engineering Physics Laboratory and a VTU approved Research Centre which carries out programmes leading towards Ph.D. degree.

The Department currently has in its ranks, five dedicated teaching Staff- one Professor, one Associate Professor, three Assistant Professors and a Lab Assistant. Two of the faculty members have Ph.D. Degree and one more is pursuing his Ph.D. The academic results of the students reveal the dedication of the faculty where an average of 95% results has been achieved since inception of the college, in the VTU examinations. The Department is working towards the mission, vision and goal of the College.

"Providing a strong foundation in physics to prepare high quality technocrats"

  1. To inspire and prepare the students to meet the needs of the nation.
  2. To impart basic concepts of science to evolving Engineers, which enables them to be high quality engineers.

The Department has a well established engineering physics lab and a dark room where 30 students conduct practicals at a time with two students in each practical set. The Department also established a research centre and started the research programs leading to Ph.D. Three research scholars are persuing for their Ph D in the Department under VTU, Belgaum. The results of the students speak the quality of teaching in the Department where an average of 95% results has been achieved in the VTU examinations of all these years.

Sl No Item Name Photos Funding Agency
1 Ultrasonicator DAE-BRNS
2 Spin Coater DAE-BRNS
3 Crystal Growth Unit VTU
4 Magnetic Stirrers (4 No’s)   SJEC/DAE-BRNS
5 Mechanical Stirrer   SJEC
6 Temperature controlled Oven SJEC
7 Digital weighing balance   SJEC

The Department of Physics has a dedicated Research Centre approved by VTU for conducting research leading towards Ph.D. degree.

Research Supervisor:

Dr Vincent Crasta, Professor and HOD
Dr Rajesh Kumar P C, Associate Professor

Research Publications of the Department :

Research Publications of the Department 78
Number of papers published in International Journals 28
Number of papers published in International Conferences 20
Number of papers published in National Conferences 30
Conferences, Seminars and workshops organized in the Department 06

Research Project Grants

Year Principal Investigator Agency Amount Status
2011- 2014 Dr Vincent Crasta DAE-BRNS 10.18 Lakhs Completed
2011-2013 Dr Rajesh Kumar P C VTU 2.00 Lakhs Completed
2015-2018 Dr Rajesh Kumar P C DAE-BRNS 18.46 Lakhs Ongoing

Research Students:

Sl. No Name Research Guide Registration Date Area of Research
1 Mr. Gananatha Shetty B Dr Vincent Crasta Nov. 2010 Growth and characterization of novel nonlinear optical materials
2 Mr. Rithin Kumar NB Dr Vincent Crasta Nov. 2010 Preparation and characterization of polymer composites and doped polymers
3 Mr. Rajesh K Dr Vincent Crasta Nov. 2011 Preparation and characterization of doped polymer blends
4 Mr. Naveen Mascarenhas Dr Vincent Crasta Nov. 2012 Preparation and characterization of polymer blends and composites
5 Mr. Viju Francis Dr Vincent Crasta Nov. 2012 Effects of irradiation of doped polymers
6 Mr Clavian Miranda Dr Rajesh Kumar P C - Characterization of organic crystals and doped polymers films for NLO applications

Physics: Inauguration of Physics Association - EPSILON

The Department of Physics at St Joseph Engineering College - Vamanjoor, Mangaluru, formally inaugurated its Students’ Association – ‘Epsilon’ on 5th May 2017 at 2:15 pm in Spoorthi Conference Hall. 

Rev. Fr Dr Antony Prakash Monteiro, Chairperson of PG Studies in Physics at St Philomena College – Puttur, was the Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker of the programme. Rev. Fr Joseph Lobo, Director - SJEC presided over the programme. Rev. Fr Rohith D’Costa, Assistant Director - SJEC, Dr Joseph Gonsalvis, Principal - SJEC, and Dr Rio D'Souza, Vice Principal – SJEC were the Guests of Honour. Dr Vincent Crasta, Professor / Head of the Department of Physics, was also present on the dais.

Dr Vincent Crasta threw light on the activities of the association planned for the year, welcomed the dignitaries and introduced the Chief Guest to the gathering. The student association was inaugurated by traditional lamp lighting ceremony by the dignitaries.

Addressing the gathering, the Chief Guest Rev. Fr Dr Antony Prakash Monteiro emphasized on the importance of having basic knowledge in various disciplines in addition to engineering subjects. He also motivated the students to gain basic skills in communication through the association.

Dr Joseph Gonsalvis urged the students to join the association and actively involve themselves in the association activities.

In his presidential remarks, Fr Joseph Lobo appreciated the work carried out by the Department of Physics and encouraged the students to develop interest to get ideas and take initiatives to implement those ideas through the association.

The inaugural function concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr Rajesh Kumar PC, Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Staff Coordinator of the association. Mr Akash Lobo compered the programme and Ms Aniceta led the prayer.

Following the inauguration, the keynote address was delivered by Rev. Fr Dr Antony Prakash Monteiro on 'Climate Change’.

Valedictory of NCSEA 2014: Two-Day National Conference

The Valedictory of Two-Day National Conference on “Current Trends in Scientific Research for Engineering Applications” was held at St Joseph Engineering College - Mangalore on the 18th of July, 2014 at 3:45 pm. The Chief Guest of the session was Dr Rio D’Souza; Vice Principal of the College. Assistant Director - SJEC, Rev. Fr Rohith D’Costa presided over the function. Guests of Honour, Rev. Fr Ajith Menezes; Director In Charge of SJEC, Dr Joseph Gonsalvis; Principal of SJEC, and Prof. I. N. N Namboothiri, Department of Chemistry, IIT - Bombay were also present.

The National Conference facilitated researchers from eminent institutions to share their innovative ideas and research on a common platform. 

Inauguration of NCSEA 2014

A Two-Day National Conference on “Current Trends in Scientific Research in Engineering Applications” organised by the Basic Science Departments was inaugurated at 9:30 am on 17th July 2014 in St. Joseph Engineering College.  Dr. Syed Akheel Ahmed, Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Mysore, was the chief guest. In his key note address, he emphasized the burning need for innovation in India and the strategies to be followed in this context, so that, India truly becomes a super power.   Rev. Fr Ajith Menezes, Director In Charge of SJEC presided over the function. Dr Joseph Gonsalvis, Principal-SJEC, Rev. Fr Rohith D’Costa, Assistant Director - SJEC, and Dr Rio D’Souza, Vice Principal - SJEC were the guests of honour. Going by the number of participants who attended the inaugural function, this conference will definitely prove to be a milestone in scientific research in the region.