About Physics Department

The Department of Physics was established in the year 2002 and maintains a creditable record of good performance in teaching and research. The Department has a well-established Engineering Physics Laboratory and a VTU approved Research Centre which carries out programmes leading towards Ph.D. degree.

The Department currently has in its ranks, five dedicated teaching Staff- one Professor, one Associate Professor, three Assistant Professors and a Lab Assistant. Two of the faculty members have Ph.D. Degree and one more is pursuing his Ph.D. The academic results of the students reveal the dedication of the faculty where an average of 95% results has been achieved since inception of the college, in the VTU examinations. The Department is working towards the mission, vision and goal of the College.

"Providing a strong foundation in physics to prepare high quality technocrats"

  1. To inspire and prepare the students to meet the needs of the nation.
  2. To impart basic concepts of science to evolving Engineers, which enables them to be high quality engineers.

The Department has a well established engineering physics lab and a dark room where 30 students conduct practicals at a time with two students in each practical set. The Department also established a research centre and started the research programs leading to Ph.D. Three research scholars are persuing for their Ph D in the Department under VTU, Belgaum. The results of the students speak the quality of teaching in the Department where an average of 95% results has been achieved in the VTU examinations of all these years.

Sl No Item Name Photos Funding Agency
1 Ultrasonicator DAE-BRNS
2 Spin Coater DAE-BRNS
3 Crystal Growth Unit VTU
4 Magnetic Stirrers (4 No’s)   SJEC/DAE-BRNS
5 Mechanical Stirrer   SJEC
6 Temperature controlled Oven SJEC
7 Digital weighing balance   SJEC

The Department of Physics has a dedicated Research Centre approved by VTU for conducting research leading towards Ph.D. degree.

Research Supervisor:

Dr Vincent Crasta, Professor and HOD
Dr Rajesh Kumar P C, Associate Professor

Research Publications of the Department :

Research Publications of the Department 78
Number of papers published in International Journals 28
Number of papers published in International Conferences 20
Number of papers published in National Conferences 30
Conferences, Seminars and workshops organized in the Department 06

Research Project Grants

Year Principal Investigator Agency Amount Status
2011- 2014 Dr Vincent Crasta DAE-BRNS 10.18 Lakhs Completed
2011-2013 Dr Rajesh Kumar P C VTU 2.00 Lakhs Completed
2015-2018 Dr Rajesh Kumar P C DAE-BRNS 18.46 Lakhs Ongoing

Research Students:

Sl. No Name Research Guide Registration Date Area of Research
1 Mr. Gananatha Shetty B Dr Vincent Crasta Nov. 2010 Growth and characterization of novel nonlinear optical materials
2 Mr. Rithin Kumar NB Dr Vincent Crasta Nov. 2010 Preparation and characterization of polymer composites and doped polymers
3 Mr. Rajesh K Dr Vincent Crasta Nov. 2011 Preparation and characterization of doped polymer blends
4 Mr. Naveen Mascarenhas Dr Vincent Crasta Nov. 2012 Preparation and characterization of polymer blends and composites
5 Mr. Viju Francis Dr Vincent Crasta Nov. 2012 Effects of irradiation of doped polymers
6 Mr Clavian Miranda Dr Rajesh Kumar P C - Characterization of organic crystals and doped polymers films for NLO applications


The  National Level Tech Fest TIARA-2018 was held on the 21st  and 22nd  February 2018 at St Joseph Engineering College, Mangaluru. TIARA-2018  was inaugurated at the Kalam Auditorium of SJEC. Mr Ivan Fernandes,  Managing Director and Promoter of Regent Technologies, Dubai and  Mangalore Internet City Pvt Ltd. was the Chief Guest of the  programme. Dr Joseph Gonsalvis, principal, SJEC welcomed the  gathering and introduced the chief guest.

Ivan  Fernandes in his address complimented the students for developing the  innovative inaugural

contraptions  and mentioned that India, being a country of youngsters, its future  depended on the

achievements  of present day youngsters. He called modern day India as a land of  opportunities and spoke about how young entrepreneurs are elevating  their life style with innovation and creativity. He spoke of how  India could assume the role of a leader in technology. He highlighted  few areas such as environmental solutions, sustainable energy,  banking and finance, healthcare, artificial intelligence, and life  sciences that holds potential for growth and mass impact.  Congratulating the students in showing interest to participate in the  various technical events, he hoped that the fest would help them  develop innovations for tomorrow. He asked the students to have big  goals, plan well, and work without fear and with passion.

Fr  Wilfred Prakash D’Souza, director, SJEC, presided over the ceremony  and in his presidential address highlighted the need to use  technology wisely and to use technology to bring about harmony and  peace. Highlighting the colossal damage to life style by technology,  he requested the students to keep an eye over the ill effects of  technology.

Fr  Rohith D’Costa, assistant director, SJEC, Dr Rio D’Souza,  vice-principal, SJEC, along with the conveners of the fest, Franco  Menezes and Reshma K J, were present on the dais. The two-day fest  witnessed the participation of students from across the region in a  series of technical events displaying their technical skills and  competencies.

Department  of Computer Science and Engineering:

The  Department of CSE conducted five events.


20  teams participated in the paper presentation competition PAPYRUS.

Winners  of the event:

1st  place - Adikeshavamurthy and Sachin who presented on the topic-  Network Based Severity Prediction System for Potato- Alvas College of  Engineering, Moodabidri.

2nd  place - Shraddha Kamath who presented on the topic-Bat Algorithm  Scheduling Workflow Application in Cloud- Canara Engineering College,  Mangaluru.


The  mega event EXODIA consisted of 4 rounds which included quiz, treasure  hunt, memory test, and games.

Winners  of the event:

1stplace: AdithyaShetty, DeekshithRaj, AmithD’Silva from Alva's Institute  of Engineering &  Technology,  Moodabidri

2nd  place: NikithaShetty, Rakshitha, Rajarajeshwari from Alva's Institute  of Engineering &  Technology,  Moodabidri


The  technical event ENIGMA consisted of 3 rounds which included coding,  technical questionnaire and treasure hunt.

Winners  of the event:

1st  place: Rakshith and Achal from Mangalore Institute of Technology &  Engineering

2nd  place: Pratibha and Adline from St Joseph Engineering College


The  event consisted of 3 rounds which tested the teamwork, effective  communication capability and the ability to solve mysterious cases.

Winners  of the event:

1st  place: AkarshD’Mello, Sahana  M Angadi, Yuktha Raman GU from St  Joseph Engineering College, Mangaluru

2nd  place: Arjun Nayak, Reuben Sequeira, Shreya RK from St Joseph  Engineering College, Mangaluru


The  event tested the gaming skills of the participants.

Winners  of the event:

1st  place - Shobith Shetty, Gowtham, Athish Shetty, Shravan Shetty and  Sushanth Kotian

2nd  place - Nahid, Harshith, Sandeep, Masood and Vinay

Department  of Electrical and Electronics

The  Department of E&E conducted 6 events.


This  was a technical paper presentation event. The topic for the paper  presentation was ‘Recent Trends in Electrical and Electronics  Technology’. This event focused on bringing out the research and  presenting skills of the engineering students and enabling them to  learn new concepts, which are beyond the syllabus. Some of the topics  presented in this event were solar rains, smart quills, lifi,  nanotube fountain pen, wireless power transmission etc.

Winners  of the event:

1st  place - Mr Mohammed Arfa & Mr Mohammed Shehzan, AITM ,Bhatkal

2nd  place - Ms  Athira Lakshman SIT, Valachil


This  was a quiz event. This event aimed at testing the knowledge of the  students on various topics and in various fields.

Winners  of the event:

1st  place - Mr. SundeepKamath, Mr. VedanthShenoy & Mr. Nirbhay,Canara  Engineering College, Benjanpadavu,  Mangaluru

2nd  place - Mr.  Karan Gupta , Mr. Garry Leroy Pinto &Sujay L Karinja, SJEC,  Mangaluru



Race  your RC’s is the mega event of Electrical and Electronics  Department. This event is a remote controlled car-racing event in  which the participants fabricate their own car or use a readymade car  and race it against time. This event brings out the ability of the  students to design their own car and encourages teamwork.

Winners  of the event:

1st  place - Mr Rajath C Kotekar,Shrinivas School of Engineering, Mukka

2nd  place - Mr   Rahul S, Varun Urs &Glenn Shawn, SJEC Mangaluru



Bot  Hockey is an exciting event featuring bots, which play hockey and try  to score maximum goals to win the event. Teamwork is put to test in  this event.

Winners  of the event:

1st  place – Mr IrfanAziz  & Mr Adham Noushad , KVG , Sullia

2nd  place – Mr Jevish  Fernandes , Mr Zayan Azad  and Mr Alstan Lewis, SJEC, Mangaluru


Pick  Mix Fix was a semi technical event. This event aimed to test the  technical and logical skills of the participating teams as well as  their creativity.

Winners  of the event:

1st  place -  Krishna Ganapathy, Richard mannil Thomas & Nihaad  Mohammed, SJEC, Mangaluru

2nd  place - Asheeq Khalid, Achyuth Diwaker & Karthik M, SJEC,  Mangaluru


This  event was a series of time management challenge. This event focused  on testing the team spirit and time management qualities of the  students.

Winners  of the event:

1st  place - Akhil Nair &  Darshan Ail, SIT, Mangaluru

2nd  place - Akash Lobo & Chirag I P, SJEC, Mangaluru

Department  of Electronics and Communication Engineering

The  Department of E&C conducted 5 events.


This  was a technical paper presentation competition.

Winners  of the event:

1st  place: Sneha G N, Varshita P J (Alvas Institute of engineering and  technology)

2nd  place: Chaithanya S P, Haripriya R (Alvas Institute of engineering  and technology)


The  event was semitechnical. The event consisted of 3 rounds which  included audio-visual questions, mathematical puzzles, general  knowledge and aptitude questions and a task, minute to minute task,  technical and memory games.

Winners  of the event:

1st  place - Mr Sai Sagar and team, SJEC, Mangaluru

2nd  place – Mr Ashish Bellur and team, SJEC, Mangaluru


The  event consisted of 3 rounds which tested the participant’s  observation skills and knowledge on digital logic and coding.

Winners  of the event:

1st  place – Ms Akshatha and team, SJEC, Mangaluru

2nd  place – Mr  Shrijith P and team, SJEC, Mangaluru



The  event consisted of 3 rounds which included general knowledge quiz,  fun tasks and treasure hunt.

Winners  of the event:

1st  place - Mr Sandeep and team, SJEC, Mangaluru

2nd  place - Mr Darrel and team, SJEC, Mangaluru


Winners  of the event:

1st  place - Mr Vrashab R, Mr Winston Joel Sequeira, Mr Wilton Daniel  Pinto, SJEC, Mangaluru

2nd  place - Mr Akshay Kumar  and team, SJEC, Mangaluru


Department  of Basic Science

The  Department of Basic Science conducted 6 events.


The  event was based on the principles of Physics consisting 4 rounds.

Winners  of the event:

1st  place: Mr Chetan Pinto, Ms Chrystle Pinto, SJEC, Mangaluru

2nd  place: Mr Raghavendra Bhat, Mr Siddhartha N, SJEC, Mangaluru


This was a  project/model exhibition based on the theme “Science (Chemistry)  and Society”.

Winners  of the event:

1st  place: Mr Deepak Nayak, Mr Yahya Asadi, SMVITM, Bantakal

2nd  place: Mr Aldrich Rasquinha, Mr Bryan Caldeira, Mr Winston Pais  ,SJEC, Mangaluru


This  was a treasure hunt event, which started from the chemistry lab, and  the hunt ended in the sports field finding the treasure.

Winners  of the event:

1st  place: Mr Royston D’Cunha, Mr Naveen Fernandes, Mr Prajwal UK,  SJEC, Mangaluru

2nd  place: Ms Katherine D’Souza, Ms Deeksha Rao, Ms Melanie D’Souza,  SJEC, Mangaluru


This  was a Collage competition.

Winners  of the event:

1st  place – Ms Deekshtha,Ms Christal Lobo, Ms Greshal Shalma,  SJEC,Mangaluru

2nd  place –Ms Jaahnavi, Ms Elrica Neha Costa and Mr Jonathan Dsa  SJEC,Mangaluru

CHANAKYA (Mega  event – Quiz)

This  event tested the knowledge of the participants in Physics, Chemistry,  Mathematics, general knowledge, Current Affairs and engineering  field.


Winners  of the event:

1st  place: Mr Mohammad Sinan A S & Mr Sumanth Pai, SJEC, Mangaluru

2nd  place: Ms Zian Shafi & Ms Sharanya P, SJEC, Mangaluru


This  was a paper presentation competition.

Winners  of the event:

1st  place: Mr Astrid Jane Fernandes, SJEC, Mangaluru

2nd  place: Mr Akash Lobo G, SJEC, Mangaluru

Department  of MBA:

The  Department of Master of Business Administration conducted 3 events.


The  event consisted of 3 rounds which included defending the  personalities given to them, creating their own product and promoting  it on Facebook and stress interview.

Winners  of the event:

1st  place: Ms Nishmitha Menezes, SDM College, Mangalore

2nd  place: Mr Adriel Fernandez  of SJEC, Mangaluru


The  event consisted of 3 rounds which included face painting on the theme  “Global Warming”, making a short film on the theme TIARA-2018 and  presenting a PPT on a product.

Winners  of the event:

1st  place: Mr Adarsh M P and Mr Rohith K, SJEC, Mangaluru

2nd  place: Ms Tasniya and Ms Swathi M.S, SJEC, Mangaluru


The  event consisted of 3 rounds which included solving puzzles, guessing  the correct answer by connecting pictures, treasure hunt.

Winners  of the event:

1st  place: Mr Mythri & Ms Reena dsouza ,SJEC, Mangaluru

2nd  place: Ms Ashwika D.K. and Ms Nidhi S, SJEC, Mangaluru

Department  of Civil Engineering

The  Department of Civil Engineering conducted 4 events.


The  technical event was open for civil engineering students each team  with three participants. They were asked to mark the centre line on  the ground for the given plan. Judgement was based on the accuracy,  time taken and for the neatness.

Winners  of the event:

First  Place: Mr Jagadeesh, Mr Damodar Shenoy and Mr Rakshith R Shetty of  AIET Moodbidri

Second  Place: Mr Praveen S, Mr Thanesh Shetty and Mr Ashwath H of SSE Mukka


The  event had two rounds, which included puzzles and solving a crime  scene.

Winners  of the event:

First  Place: Ms B Ishwarya, Mr Sayed Aseem and Mr Mohammed Salman Kachhi of  SJEC, Mangaluru

Second  Place: Mr Melroy D'Souza, Mr Madhusudhan and Mr Akarsh of SJEC,  Mangaluru


This  was a paper presentation on the topic environmental aspects in  engineering or smart city.

Pysics: Workshop on preparing for School Outreach Program

‘Epsilon’- Association of the Department of Physics at SJEC organized a one-day workshop on 22 January 2018 for students to prepare models and experimental setup in Physics required for the outreach program to be held in rural schools.  

The workshop started at 9:30 am in Physics Lab, Academic Block III. Dr Vincent Crasta welcomed the students and the staff present for the workshop. He also briefed the students on the purpose of conducting the outreach programme, the Educational Social Responsibilities (ESR) of the College and the outline of the events for the day and in the outreach programme.

A total of 12 students and 5 Faculty from the Physics Department participated in the workshop.

Sl No

Names of the participants




Jithesh Kumar B




Pooja L




Manisha Kottary




Swasthi S Adappa




Jahnavi U Mulki




Jeevitha Rodrigues




Mellanie Fernandes




Alrida Monteiro




Bhavishya R Kaiya




Erwin Royson Monteiro




Keerthana Bhandarkar




Sindhura S



The students were divided into two groups of 5 for primary and 7 for high school outreach programme. The topics from high school and primary school syllabus on which the experiments should be set up, models and PPT to be prepared were discussed and finalized. After a short tea break, the experiments were carried out with the help of the Faculty and the students were explained about theoretical aspects and models.

After the lunch, students were asked to prepare PPT on the topics to be presented in Kannada with animations and video clips to make the presentation more effective. Later the materials to be taken for the outreach were procured were segregated according to high school and primary school syllabus. The workshop ended at 5 pm.

The workshop was a grand success and provided a platform for students to work in groups and improve their knowledge in Basic Physics concepts by setting up experiments personally. It was a good work experience for faculty too to guide students towards the outreach programme. 

Physics: Inauguration of Physics Association - EPSILON

The Department of Physics at St Joseph Engineering College - Vamanjoor, Mangaluru, formally inaugurated its Students’ Association – ‘Epsilon’ on 5th May 2017 at 2:15 pm in Spoorthi Conference Hall. 

Rev. Fr Dr Antony Prakash Monteiro, Chairperson of PG Studies in Physics at St Philomena College – Puttur, was the Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker of the programme. Rev. Fr Joseph Lobo, Director - SJEC presided over the programme. Rev. Fr Rohith D’Costa, Assistant Director - SJEC, Dr Joseph Gonsalvis, Principal - SJEC, and Dr Rio D'Souza, Vice Principal – SJEC were the Guests of Honour. Dr Vincent Crasta, Professor / Head of the Department of Physics, was also present on the dais.

Dr Vincent Crasta threw light on the activities of the association planned for the year, welcomed the dignitaries and introduced the Chief Guest to the gathering. The student association was inaugurated by traditional lamp lighting ceremony by the dignitaries.

Addressing the gathering, the Chief Guest Rev. Fr Dr Antony Prakash Monteiro emphasized on the importance of having basic knowledge in various disciplines in addition to engineering subjects. He also motivated the students to gain basic skills in communication through the association.

Dr Joseph Gonsalvis urged the students to join the association and actively involve themselves in the association activities.

In his presidential remarks, Fr Joseph Lobo appreciated the work carried out by the Department of Physics and encouraged the students to develop interest to get ideas and take initiatives to implement those ideas through the association.

The inaugural function concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr Rajesh Kumar PC, Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Staff Coordinator of the association. Mr Akash Lobo compered the programme and Ms Aniceta led the prayer.

Following the inauguration, the keynote address was delivered by Rev. Fr Dr Antony Prakash Monteiro on 'Climate Change’.

Valedictory of NCSEA 2014: Two-Day National Conference

The Valedictory of Two-Day National Conference on “Current Trends in Scientific Research for Engineering Applications” was held at St Joseph Engineering College - Mangalore on the 18th of July, 2014 at 3:45 pm. The Chief Guest of the session was Dr Rio D’Souza; Vice Principal of the College. Assistant Director - SJEC, Rev. Fr Rohith D’Costa presided over the function. Guests of Honour, Rev. Fr Ajith Menezes; Director In Charge of SJEC, Dr Joseph Gonsalvis; Principal of SJEC, and Prof. I. N. N Namboothiri, Department of Chemistry, IIT - Bombay were also present.

The National Conference facilitated researchers from eminent institutions to share their innovative ideas and research on a common platform. 

Inauguration of NCSEA 2014

A Two-Day National Conference on “Current Trends in Scientific Research in Engineering Applications” organised by the Basic Science Departments was inaugurated at 9:30 am on 17th July 2014 in St. Joseph Engineering College.  Dr. Syed Akheel Ahmed, Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Mysore, was the chief guest. In his key note address, he emphasized the burning need for innovation in India and the strategies to be followed in this context, so that, India truly becomes a super power.   Rev. Fr Ajith Menezes, Director In Charge of SJEC presided over the function. Dr Joseph Gonsalvis, Principal-SJEC, Rev. Fr Rohith D’Costa, Assistant Director - SJEC, and Dr Rio D’Souza, Vice Principal - SJEC were the guests of honour. Going by the number of participants who attended the inaugural function, this conference will definitely prove to be a milestone in scientific research in the region.