About Chemistry Department

The Department of Chemistry exists from the day of the inception of the College in 2002. The Chemistry Department pledges itself in the broadest and most liberal manner to encourage the advancement of all branches of engineering through its practically skilled education and service missions.

"Proficiency in cutting - edge areas of research and teaching."

"To probe and provide for theoretical knowledge and laboratory skills in technical education in chosen specializations and support the professional and scholarly growth of students and faculty."

Designation Name Qualifications
Associate Professor & Guide Dr. K. Jyothi B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Date of Registration Research Scholars
November 2009 -Part Time Ms. Poornima Hegde M.Sc., (Ph.D.)
May 2010 (Part-time) Mr. Chandrashekar Raje Urs M.Sc., M.Phil., (Ph.D.)
November 2010 (Part-time) Mr. Ramachandra M.Sc., (Ph.D.)
May 2011 Part-time Ms. Viva Nivedhitha Monteiro M.Sc., (Ph.D.)
May 2013-Part time Mr. Sunil Kumar M.Sc., (Ph.D.)
Designation Name Qualifications
Lab Assistant Mr Nataraj Devadiga B.Sc.
Lab Attender Mr Lakshman Moolya PUC

The well equipped, spacious lab provides safe and comfortable working environment for 30 students at a time with seating arrangement during instructions and demonstrations. There is a good stock of chemicals, which is being replenished from time to time. The Department has a Research Centre approved by VTU for conducting programmes leading to the award of Ph.D. degree.

Chemistry: Inauguration of ChemAtom - SJEC Chemical Society inauguration

The Department of Chemistry inaugurated its association ChemAtom - SJEC Chemical Society on 19th November 2016 at 2.00 pm in Spoorthi Conference Hall. The Society was established with the objective of cultivating and promoting Chemistry and kindred branches of science among staff and students.

The Chief Guest was Dr B.K. Sarojini, Chairperson - Department of Industrial Chemistry, and Coordinator – M.Sc. in Biochemistry in Mangalore University. Dr Ramachandra Bhat, Professor in the Department of Chemistry at NITK, Surathkal and Dr Joseph Gonsalvis, Principal - SJEC was the Guests of Honour. Rev. Fr Joseph Lobo, Director-SJEC was the President of the inaugural programme. Rev. Fr Rohith D’Costa, Assistant Director - SJEC and Dr Rio D’Souza, Vice Principal – SJEC were present during the inaugural programme.

The programme started with the invocation followed by the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries. The association logo was unveiled by the Chief Guest. Welcome Address was delivered by Dr K. Jyothi HOD, Department of Chemistry. The Chief Guest and the Principal then addressed the gathering. The Chief Guest was felicitated by Rev. Fr Joseph Lobo. Presidential address was delivered by the Director.  Ms Pramila D’Souza, Assistant Professor - Department of Chemistry proposed the vote of thanks. Mr. S. Ananth Kamath, Ist year EC and Ms. Jahnavi Ist year Civil were elected as the student Coordinators. All students from chemistry cycle attended the programme.

A talk on Nanotechnology was delivered by Dr Ramachandra Bhat to all the Ist year BE Students. The session was closed with a question answer round. The programme was compered by Ms Smitha D’Souza, Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry. Refreshments were arranged for all.

Valedictory of NCSEA 2014: Two-Day National Conference

The Valedictory of Two-Day National Conference on “Current Trends in Scientific Research for Engineering Applications” was held at St Joseph Engineering College - Mangalore on the 18th of July, 2014 at 3:45 pm. The Chief Guest of the session was Dr Rio D’Souza; Vice Principal of the College. Assistant Director - SJEC, Rev. Fr Rohith D’Costa presided over the function. Guests of Honour, Rev. Fr Ajith Menezes; Director In Charge of SJEC, Dr Joseph Gonsalvis; Principal of SJEC, and Prof. I. N. N Namboothiri, Department of Chemistry, IIT - Bombay were also present.

The National Conference facilitated researchers from eminent institutions to share their innovative ideas and research on a common platform. 

Inauguration of NCSEA 2014

A Two-Day National Conference on “Current Trends in Scientific Research in Engineering Applications” organised by the Basic Science Departments was inaugurated at 9:30 am on 17th July 2014 in St. Joseph Engineering College.  Dr. Syed Akheel Ahmed, Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Mysore, was the chief guest. In his key note address, he emphasized the burning need for innovation in India and the strategies to be followed in this context, so that, India truly becomes a super power.   Rev. Fr Ajith Menezes, Director In Charge of SJEC presided over the function. Dr Joseph Gonsalvis, Principal-SJEC, Rev. Fr Rohith D’Costa, Assistant Director - SJEC, and Dr Rio D’Souza, Vice Principal - SJEC were the guests of honour. Going by the number of participants who attended the inaugural function, this conference will definitely prove to be a milestone in scientific research in the region.

1 Digital Electronic Potentiometers 07
2 Digital Electronic pH –meters 07
3 Digital Electronic Conductivity meters 07
4 Digital Electronic Colorimeters 11
5 Digital Flame Photometer 02
6 Electronic Balances 02
7 Magnetic stirrer 10
8 Water de-ionizer 01
9 Hot air oven 01
10 Stop clocks 07
1 Hot Plate With Energy Regulator 01
2 Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate 02
3 Water Bath 6 Holes 01
4 Oil Free Vacuum Pump 02
5 Precision Water Bath 01
6 Refrigerator 01
7 Superfit Rota Evaporator 01
8 Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate (Higher Temperature) 01
9 Melting point apparatus 01
1 Computer with printer in the Department 04
2 Computer for research 01