NIRMAN Association

CIVIL - NIRMAN: Technical Talk on Pile Foundation- Design and Construct

Dr Srinath Shetty from NMAMIT - Nitte delivered a talk on Pile Foundation- Design and Construction on 18th March between 2:00 -4:00 PM. Dr Nalini Rebello welcomed the guest to the program.

Dr Srinath Shetty, in his talk, spoke about the circumstances in which Pile Foundations are used, the types of pile foundations based on the method and type of construction. Every method of pile foundation construction has its own advantages and limitations. A cast in place pile may have the disadvantages of not ensuring that the concrete is poured in the right place and properly compacted. When pre-cast piles are used in a site, extra precaution has to be taken to ensure that the depth of the piles must reach the underground rock level. This is because the underground terrain may vary from place to place and a single length of pile may not suffice. He further explained about ways of increasing the length of pre-cast piles. When pre-cast piles are driven the negative skin friction may induce extra stresses on the pile which can be reduced by proper design. Thus, proper design of piles based on the underground strata will be helpful for a good design. The session concluded with an interaction with the students followed by vote of thanks.

Civil: Invited Lecture on Indian Vaastu-A Scientific Approach

The Civil Engineering Students’ Association, NIRMAN organized a technical talk on Indian Vaastu-A Scientific Approach by Er Raghavendra Holla, Assistant Professor at MIT Manipal on 21st September, 2016 at Bishop Aloysius Paul Hall at 2:00 pm.

MsVishika Keshav, V semester student, welcomed the gathering. Dr Nalini Rebello, HOD - Department of Civil Engineering, welcomed the guest florally. Mr Abhijith Acharya from V semester introduced the guest to the gathering. Er Raghavendra Holla, started the session by telling that Vaastu Sastra could be termed as an observatory science and was devised by people who observed problem ridden homes, but nowadays people are using this science without knowing the basics.

Vaastu is a science oriented on the directional location of a place. The direction indicates the relative positioning of things and the entire concept of Vaastu is guided by the availability of water, ventilation and electric current. The speaker also briefed about some basics of Vaastu such as north east corner of the space is ought to be the lightest and south west corner of a space is ought to be the heaviest and hence materials considered light are to be placed at the north east and materials considered heavy are to be placed at the south west direction of the house. Money making and planning for commercial activities should be placed along west and south walls, whereas prayer and other activities should be placed along north and east walls. He also made a special note that the head, while sleeping, should be in south or alternatively in west which will provide a sound sleep. The door should, as the lighter part, be placed in northern or eastern halves only and the kitchen should always be in the south east. He also mentioned that while selecting the site for a building always triangular and odd corners have to be avoided and it is always better to go for an east facing site.

The speaker concluded the talk by telling that even if incorporation of 100% Vaastu is not possible within the available land, the reduced energies within the house can be increased by taking remedial actions without altering the structure.

The session was wound up by Mr Abhijith delivering the vote of thanks.

Civil: Inauguration of NIRMAN

The inauguration of Civil Engineering Students’ Association – NIRMAN for the academic year 2016-17, was held on 31st, August, 2016 at 9:00 am in Bishop Aloysius Paul Hall. Dr K.V. Rao, Director, Regional Science Centre, Pilikula Nisarga Dhama, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Rev. Fr Rohith D’Costa, Assistant Director of SJEC, presided over the function. Dr Rio D’Souza, Vice Principal – SJEC was the guest of honor. 
Dr Nalini Rebello, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, welcomed the gathering. In her welcome address, she also motivated the students to gain knowledge beyond the text books along with excelling in their academics and also mentioned the generosity of the Chief Guest in permitting our students to conduct an extensive survey camp in the Pilikula premises. 
Mr Vinod T D’souza, Assistant Professor, introduced the guest to the gathering. This was followed by lighting of the traditional lamp by the dignitaries. In his address Dr K V Rao, said that a Civil Engineer should have his own insights towards every structure he comes across and he should be able to give simple solutions for complicated problems. 
Induction of the newly appointed office bearers for the year 2016-17 was done by the Chief Guest followed by the oath taking ceremony. Mr Huligesha. T, President of NIRMAN for the year 2016-17 read the report of NIRMAN-2015-16 and also the plan of events under NIRMAN for the current year. This was followed by felicitating the toppers by the dignitaries. 
Dr Rio D’Souza stressed the importance of a creative mind for Civil Engineers. He also mentioned that moulding one’s self by removing the irrelevant things and focusing on important things in life is very important in order to become successful. Rev. Fr Rohith D’Costa said that Civil Engineer has an opportunity to beautify the nature and spreading joy to the world. He also mentioned that one should never forget the important goals in life while accomplishing the desired things. 
Ms Surabhi B S, NIRMAN coordinator proposed the vote of thanks making a special mention of the volunteers who worked for the program. The inaugural ceremony was followed by power point presentation and cultural program by the students. 

Civil: Presentations on Survey Camp Projects

As a unique program of its kind, the Department of Civil Engineering hosted an Intra Departmental program for the students as a part of the Survey Camp for the academic year 2015-2016 on 5th April, 2016 in Bishop Aloysius Paul Hall. The objectives were to motivate the students to excel in their career and also to appreciate the students’ achievements.

The program began with a welcome note by the HOD, Dr Nalini Rebello followed by introduction about survey by Assistant Professor, Mr Govinda Krishna M. The student participants, in groups, presented their learning experiences and views from Survey camp 2015-16. In total, four groups presented four different projects which they executed at various locations near Pilikula during the survey camp held from 4th Jan, 2016 to 14th Jan, 2016. 

The Principal – SJEC, Dr Joseph Gonsalvis spoke about his observations on the presentations. Director – SJEC, Rev. Fr. Joseph Lobo appreciated all the students who took part in the Survey Camp and also the VIII Semester students for their overall achievements. He also advised students to take active interest in participating in all the events conducted for the students. Assistant Director Rev. Fr Rohith D’Costa also supported the event with his gracious presence.

Civil – Nirman: Invited talks

Nirman – The Students Association of the Department of Civil Engineering organized a Technical Talk titled Cement - an Engineered Product by Er. Umesh Shetty Technical Advisor - ACC, Mangaluru and a motivational talk by Er. Vijay Vishnu Mayya, Advisor – Engineer's Week 2016, on 

Mr Vinod T D’Souza, Assistant Professor from the Department of Civil Engineering welcomed the gathering and also introduced the guests to the gathering. Mr Umesh Shetty started the session by recounting that clinker is the basic ingredient of cement. He explained the importance of bogues compounds in cement and their role in the performance of cement. He also explained the concept of heat of hydration in cement and the essential hydration products which contribute to the strength and durability of cement. He spoke on the use of Portland Pozzolona Cement (PPC) and Portland Slag Cement (PSC) which help in decreasing the carbon dioxide emission. He discussed the importance of various admixtures in attaining a durable concrete and various types of cements to be used under various conditions. He concluded by stating that ideal cement is the one with low heat of hydration, high early strength, lower C3A content and low calcium hydroxide.

The second session on Leadership and attitude was delivered by Mr Vijay Vishnu Mayya who started his session by quoting that one will not get the life which he desires but definitely the one which he deserves. He emphasized that human beings are the biggest treasure of the universe and that best use of our life should be made. He also stressed the benefits of utilizing life for others, helping each other and not expecting from others. He concluded the session by saying that knowledge, skill and attitude are the key things which make a person and one must always find means to acquire and develop them in order to become a successful person. Mr Govindakrishna, Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, honoured the guests and Ms Sanjana; IV semester student delivered the vote of thanks.

Civil - NIRMAN: Technical Talk Analysing-Analysis

Nirman – The Students Association of the Department of Civil Engineering organized a Technical Talk titled Analysing-Analysis by Dr K.S Babunarayan, Professor from NITK – Surathkal. The talk was held on 5th March, 2016 at 10:00 am – 11:00 am in Bishop Aloysius Paul Hall.

Nirman Coordinator, Ms Surabhi B.S, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, welcomed the gathering. This was followed by Dr Nalini Rebello, I/C HOD, offering floral welcome to the guest. Mr Vinod T D’Souza, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, introduced the guest to the gathering.

Dr K.S Babunarayan started the session by quoting that Civil Engineering is a noble profession and Civil Engineers are the noblest. He threw light on the history of mechanics by speaking on the inspiration behind great mathematicians like Bernoulli, Euler, and Castigliano in developing various laws and methods in mechanics. He also stressed how one can learn analysis-design and detailing from simple and insignificant objects of everyday use such as pins, paper clips, broken lead of a pencil, beverage cans etc. He also told a lesser known fact that the largest number of patents filed so far were for paper clips. He also discussed the Hambly’s paradox, the problem of designing a stool. He concluded by acknowledging that analysis-design apart from being complicated is also an eminently enjoyable & exciting exercise and satisfaction of the three sets of equations: equilibrium, compatibility, and force-deformation are the key for this exercise to be complete & meaningful. 

Inauguration of NIRMAN: Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering organized a formal inauguration of the Students Association – NIRMAN - and the celebration of Engineers' Day on 15 September 2014, at 2:30 pm, in the Civil Seminar Hall. 

Dr I Ramesh Mithantahya, Vice Principal, NMAMIT, NITTE, was the Chief Guest for the program. Rev. Fr Ajith Menezes, Director in-charge, presided over the function. Rev. Fr Rohith D’Costa, Assistant Director; Dr Joseph Gonsalvis, Principal; Dr Rio D’Souza, Vice Principal; Er. Ranganath Aithal, Chairman - Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (ACCE); Er. Anil V Baliga were the Guests of Honour. Ms Nalini Rebello, Assistant Professor, and Mr Manjunath B, Coordinator NIRMAN, were also present on the dais.

Ms Nalini Rebello, welcomed the dignitaries and the inauguration began with the lighting of the lamp. Dr I Ramesh Mithantahya garlanded the photograph of Sir M. Visvesvaraya as a mark of respect in commemorating Engineers' Day. Ms. Lavanya introduced the Chief Guest. The oath ceremony was conducted by Dr I Ramesh Mithantahya,

The Principal encouraged the students to become like Sir M Visvesvaraya. The Chief Guest, Dr. I. Ramesh Mithanthaya motivated the students to think at a higher level and to become extraordinary engineers. He informed students about the importance of answering logically and making the best use of opportunities. In his presidential address, Rev Fr Ajith Menezes spoke about the identity crisis. He said that we have to create our identity through positive attitude.

Mr Manjunath B, proposed the vote of thanks.

After the formal program Er Anil V Baliga delivered a technical talk: Durability of Structures using Construction Chemicals.