The College houses a well-equipped Dispensary to attend to the medical needs of students, staff, and all other inmates of the Campus. A Campus Doctor is available round the Clock and resides in the Campus. The Dispensary houses a Consultation Room, Treatment Room, and Nursing Counter. Nursing staff are available round the clock to attend to all requirements of Campus inmates.

All hospitalization cases are referred to Father Muller Medical College and Hospital, a Sister Concern of the College. Transport facilities are provided by the Institution and are always on stand-by.

  1. Campus Doctor and Nursing Staff available round the Clock.
  2. Regular and well stocked Medicines dispensed for free to Campus Inmates.
  3. 4 Beds for local treatment and rest.
  4. Well stocked and updated First Aid Facilities and other emergency supplies such as Oxygen Cylinder, Nebulization, etc.
  5. Transport facility to Hospitals at all times. During Emergencies, Government and Private Ambulance services are utilized. Father Muller Medical College and Hospital is 15 mins away from the Campus.