Educational Details

Degree : B.Sc.
Year : 1997
University : Mangalore University
PG Degree : M.Sc.
Year : 1999
University : Mangalore University
Doctoral Degree : Ph.D.
Year : 2016
University : Manipal University

Teaching Experience

i) 10/1999 to 06/2002

    Department: Mathematics

    Institution: Coorg Institute of Technology, Ponnampet

    Designation: Lecturer

ii) 07/2002 till Date

    Department: Mathematics

    Institution: St Joseph Engineering College

    Designation: Lecturer/ Senior Lecturer/Asst Professor/Associate Professor

Research Experience

03/2011 to 05/2014

Specialization Ph.D

Algebra- Nearring Theory

Specialization PG

Numerical Analysis

Subjects teaching at Under Graduate level

Engg. Mathematics-1, Engg. Mathematics -2, Engg. Mathematics -3, Engg. Mathematics -4

International journals

1.  Jagadeesha, B. S. Kedukodi, S. P. Kuncham, “ Interval Valued L-fuzzy Ideals based on t-norms and t-conorms”, Journal of
Intelligent and Fuzzy System,  ( 2015) 28 (6) 2631-2641.
 (IOS Press, Netherlands). (2015  Impact factor-1.812) Indexed by SCOPUS and Science Citation Index 
2   S. P. Kuncham, B. S. Kedukodi, B. Jagadeesha, “Interval valued L-fuzzy cosets and isomorphism theorems” , Afrika Matematika ,  ( 2016) 27,  393-408. (Springer-Verlag. USA.)   Indexed by SCOPUS

3.  B. Jagadeesha , S. P. Kuncham, B. S.  Kedukodi  “On Implications  on a Lattice” , Fuzzy Information Engg. (Elsvier Publication) –accepted. 

4.  B. S. Kedukodi,  B. Jagadeesha,  S. P. Kuncham,  S. Juglal,  “Different prime graphs of a nearring with respect to an ideal”  accepted  for Lecture notes on nearrings, nearfields and related topics  (World Scientific  Publication(Singapore)). 

5.  B. S. Kedukodi, ,  S. P. Kuncham, B. Jagadeesha  “Interval valued L-fuzzy prime ideals, triangular norms and partially ordered groups” Soft Computing (2017) (Springer-Verlag Germany.)  Impact factor-2.472)

Papers Presented in National Conference

1. National Confernce  on “Present trends in Algebra and its Applications“ at J.M.J College for Women-Tenali Andrapredesh . Date: 11th and 12th July2014 

Title of Paper: Interval Valued c-prime Fuzzy Ideals of Nearrings. 

2. National conference on “Current trends in Scientific Research for Engineering Applications“ at St Joseph Engg. College Vamanjoor. Date: 17th and 18th July2014 

Title of Paper: Interval Valued 3-prime Fuzzy Ideals of Nearrings. 

3. National conference on “Engineering Applications of Mathematics “ at  MIT Academy of Engineering, Pune Date: 5th  and 6th January 2014

Title of Paper: Interval Valued prime Fuzzy Ideals of Nearrings.

4. National conference on “Applied Mathematics , Numerical Analysis, Algebra and Computational Mathematics “ at Gudleppa Hallikeri College, Haveri. Date: 30th and 31th January 2015 

Title of Paper: Interval Valued Fuzzy Ideals of Nearrings. 

5. National conference on “Computer Applications Based on Modern Algebra” held at MIT Manipal Date:  1-4 JULY 2017.

Title of Paper: Interval Valued L-fuzzy Ideals of a Ring using t-norms and t-conorms

6. National conference on “Graph Theory and Discrete Mathematics” held at Manglore University

Date:  5-6 Feb 2018.

Title of Paper: C-prime Ideal Based Graph of Nearring

Papers Presented in International Conference

1. International Conference “ Interdisciplinary Mathematial, Stastistical and Computational Techniques “ at NITK , Suratkal 
Date: 18 to 20th December 2014 
Title of Paper: Rough set approximations using Fuzzy Ideals. 

2. International Conference “ Nearrings, Nearfields and Related Topics“ at MIT, Manipal    Date: 05 to 12th July 2015 
Title of Paper: Interval Valued L-fuzzy submodules Baesd on triangular Norms. 

3.   International Conference on Mathematics  at University of Kerala Date: 26-28 November, 2015 
Title of Paper: Nearring Approximations using fuzzy ideal with thresholds.

4.     International Conference on Artificial  Intelligence and Soft Computing,Thailand,
Title:   "Automorphisms t-nroms t- conorms on a lattice "  
Date: 29 Dec.2015.

5. International Conference on Discrete Mathematics-2016 at SIT, Tumkur
Date: 08 to 10 June 2016
Title of Paper: Prime Graph of a Ring

6. International Conference on Mathematics and Computer Science  at Nirmala College for Women, Coibatore –Tamilnadu
Date: 15 to 17 December  2016
Title of Paper: Ideal Based Graph  of a Ring

Workshop Attend

1. "Predictive Mathematical Models in Science and Engineering" national workshop organized by MIT, Manipal on 25-27 march 2011

2."Engineering applications of Mathematical Sciences" organized by NMAMIT, Nitte on 8-9 Feb 2007

3. "Discrete Mathematics and its applications in Science and Social science" national conference organised by Govinda dasa College, Suratkal on 8 to 10 Feb 2009

Awards and Achivements

1. Received   First Rank in  M.Sc Examinations in the year 1999

2.  Research  Paper   "Automorphisms t-nroms t-conorms on a lattice "  presented  in  the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing,Thailand,  29 Dec.2015  received ."Excellent Paper Award"

Administrative Responsibilities

Examination Coordinator for I. B.E Internals

Other Related Info