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Ms Preetha Aroza

Counsellor with over five years of experience as a soft skill trainer and counselling for mental wellness by helping others cope with a myriad of personal and psychological issues.

M.A. (Counselling Psychology), PGDGC


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  • To enable students to get an insight into their potentialities, strengths and weaknesses for learning.
  • To identify the weak students and diagnose their learning difficulties and organize remedial measures.
  • To identify students who have problems of adjustments and help them to resolve the same.
  • To inculcate proper values, habits, attitudes, and temperaments for studies and work in studies.
  • To assist in developing interpersonal relationships among students.
  • To assist students in maintaining sound and integrated health.


  • To enable the Counselee for behaviour change to live more productive and satisfying life.
  • To aim for positive mental health.
  • To resolve the problems.
  • To make appropriate decisions at time of need.