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About SJEC LabVIEW Academy

The LabVIEW Academy at SJEC, Mangaluru offers SJEC students a unique opportunity to get trained in LabVIEW and CLAD Certification that enables the students to learn and explore what the industry seeks from fresh graduates. The SJEC LabVIEW Academy believes that theoretical knowledge must go hand in hand with strong practical experience. SJEC LabVIEW Academy does this by making students industry ready besides a sound academic record.

LabVIEW is an integrated development environment designed specifically for engineers and scientists building measurement and control systems. With a native graphical programming language, built-in IP for data analysis and signal processing, and an open architecture that enables integration of any hardware device and any software approach, LabVIEW is the software you need to build the optimal solution that can meet your custom requirements and solve the challenges at hand.

Our LabVIEW course culminates in the NI Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) certification that is recognized by many engineering companies and validates your practical exposure to application development

  • NI LabVIEW Academy Software: 30 Licenses
  • NI Academy Hardware :
    Data Acquisition, myDAQ Integrated Electronic Circuits, myRIO FPGA based Embedded System Design.
  • The cost set up for LabVIEW Academy is approximately Rs 30 Lakhs.