The research strategy of St Joseph Engineering College is to cover all the major academic disciplines. Faculty and students are actively involved in research in key areas of Science, Technology and Management. The research is clearly visible in terms of wide publications and various projects securing grants from the external agencies.
To meet the global standards, in addition to the good teaching-learning process, the institution needs to have a strong research base. In this interest to enhance the research and consultancy activities the following areas are identified:
  • To focus on the state-of-art infrastructure and equipment for teaching and research activities
  • Encouraging doctoral research programs in the institution
  • To make the academic activities in coherence with the overall development of the region
  • To nurture high-quality research and publications
  • To train highly creative students by incorporating outcome-based learning
One faculty representative from each Department is nominated by the Head of the Departments and a faculty leader as a Chairperson is nominated by the Principal.
  • The Research & Facilities Committee is activated at the beginning of the each academic year with the Principal – Research & Facilities Chairperson as Faculty Leader and one designated member from each Department as a committee member.
  • Announcement of the names of Committee Members is done at the beginning of the every academic year.
  • Preparation of the plan for Research & Facilities activities and designated tasks of sub-committee members through committee meeting is done at the beginning of the every semester.
  • Frequency of meeting of the committee members is minimum two per semester and can be held during the semester when the need arises.
  • Members will be notified by email on the location and agendas with associated documentation at least three working days before the meeting, via the Committee group email.
  • The Chairperson of the committee or the Chairperson of sub-committee will lead the proceedings.
  • Minutes of the Meeting are prepared and distributed to the members of the committee and action is taken accordingly.
  • Review Meeting is conducted to assess the progress of Research & Facilities activities.
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Ensure that sufficient resources are allocated to meet the departmental and research & facilities goals
  • Ensure that Research & Facilities activities are being carried out as per the guidelines laid by AICTE and the Principal
  • Approve the plans prepared by the committee
  • Facilitate in obtaining grants from external funding agencies for carrying out research activities
  • Provide necessary infrastructure and facilities for research work
  • Recognize the good work done by the faculty members and students
  • Formulate guidelines for applying for research grants and submission of research papers
  • Facilitate the students to participate in research activities
  • Facilitate the faculty members to undertake research and consultancy work
  • Motivate and guide the faculty members to publish research papers in refereed / indexed journals and conferences
  • Identify and encourage research areas by organizing workshops, conferences, and seminars
  • Monitor the quality of research and consultancy work
  • Conduct departmental-level research reviews
  • Encourage faculty members to apply for research projects
  • Encourage faculty members to apply for consultancy projects
Sub-committees will be formed by the Research & Facilities Committee for the effective functioning of the Research & Facilities activities. The composition of the sub-committees will be notified at the beginning of every academic year.