About Mechanical Engineering Department

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in the year 2002 with the vision of nurturing technically competent and socially responsible Engineering Professionals. Alma mater to more than 1500 Graduate Engineers over the past 16 glorious years; the Mechanical Engineering Department, SJEC, strives to prepare students for careers across a broad range of industries such as automotive, manufacturing, materials and metallurgy, oil and gas, aeronautical and marine. Mechanical Engineering encompasses learning the application of physical principles of heat, force, conservation of mass and energy, design of mechanisms and machine elements, system design, manufacturing and maintenance of industrial machinery, etc. Thrust is laid on teaching CAD/CAM tools along with the latest design tools to keep the students abreast with modern technologies in the discipline of Mechanical Engineering. The Department offers Undergraduate (B.E.), Post Graduate (M.Sc. in Engineering by Research), and Doctoral (Ph.D.) programme; with an annual intake of 120 candidates for the B.E. Course. The Department proudly announces the re-accreditation of its B.E. Mechanical Engineering programme by the NBA New Delhi for the third time, valid until June 2022. The Department has also obtained the Permanent Affiliation status from VTU Belagavi from 2019-20 to 2024-25.


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"To be a value based department committed to excellence in teaching and research, nurturing technically competent and socially responsible engineering professionals."

  • Providing state-of-the art technical knowledge in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Promoting research, education and training in frontier areas of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Facilitating faculty development through quality improvement programmes.
  • Initiating collaboration with industries, research organizations and institutes for internship, joint research and consultancy.
  • Instilling social and ethical values in students, staff and faculty through personality development programmes.
  • Developing innovation in engineering and technology in order to provide beneficial service to the local community.

  • PEO 1: Graduates will engage in designing, manufacturing, testing, operating and/or maintaining systems in the field of Mechanical Engineering and allied industries
  • PEO 2: Graduates will be able to communicate and perform effectively in both individual and team-based project environments including multi-disciplinary settings
  • PEO 3:Graduates will apply knowledge and skills considering ethical practices, societal, economic and environmental factors and/or pursue higher education and research.
  • PEO 4:Graduates will develop the practice of continuously updating with the latest knowledge and information in their field of specialization.

Graduates of the Mechanical Engineering program are able to:

  • Apply the basic knowledge of mathematics, science, thermal, design, manufacturing engineering.
  • Identify, formulate and solve mechanical engineering problems
  • Design a mechanical system that meets desired specifications and requirements.
  • Design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data, and report results
  • Apply modern engineering software tools and equipments to analyze mechanical engineering problems
  • Apply engineering solutions in global and societal context.
  • Understand the impact of engineering on society and demonstrate awareness of contemporary issues.
  • Understand the professional and ethical responsibilities.
  • Work in a team of core competence or multidisciplinary teams.
  • Communicate effectively in both verbal and written forms.
  • Apply financial and project management skills in their professional ventures.
  • Demonstrate inquisitiveness, novelty in thoughts and zeal towards lifelong learning.

Graduates of the Mechanical Engineering program are able to

  • Gain competence to face various competitive examinations and succeed in seeking best opportunities in the corporate world and higher studies.
  • Take up research programmes on contemporary areas of Mechanical Engineering.

E&E Engineering Graduates will be able to:

  • Best Practice I:Implementation of the tutorial/remedial classes for slow learners to enhance their academic performance
  • Best Practice II:Conducting Aptitude Training Classes to enhance the General Aptitude and Technical Aptitude skills to compete for the present placement scenario.

Head of Department

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Dr Shreeranga Bhat

Professor & HOD

I am an engineer by profession, an educator by soul, and learner by character. I have been working in the SJEC since 2006. My research interest includes Quality 4.0, OPEX (Operational Excellence), Robust Engineering and Engineering Education. 


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