About Mathematics Department

The Department of Mathematics was established with the inception of the college in 2002. Through the dedicated service of its faculty and the support of the management, the department has grown from two faculty members to fifteen. The department boasts a blend of senior, experienced faculty and young, dynamic members, including two professors, four faculty members with Ph.D degree, and eleven assistant professors with master's degrees. The teaching experience within the department ranges from 5 to 30 years.

The department is equipped with a well-established MATLAB lab where 70 students can simultaneously engage in experiential learning, reinforcing theoretical concepts taught in class. Faculty members are actively involved in both teaching and research, having published over 50 papers in refereed international journals and presented more than 100 research papers at national and international conferences. The department also features a VTU-recognized research center with two VTU-recognized guides and three research scholars. Research areas include lattice theory, nearing theory, concept lattices, statistical data analysis, algebraic graph theory, fuzzy, soft and rough algebraic structures, linear algebra, and computational mathematics. Two faculty members are actively engaged in engineering education research and are certified engineering educators by IUCEE.

The department provides a strong foundation in mathematical basics, which are essential building blocks for all engineering fields. Faculty members teach essential subjects such as discrete mathematics, Python, and applied mathematics for M.C.A and M.Tech students. Additionally, they offer a strong foundation in aptitude courses necessary for student placement activities.   The department  has established MOUs with surrounding institutions to assist students with their PG projects and internships. The department's SIGMATHS association conducts training programs and activities for students in various areas of mathematics.


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To strive for academic excellence of students by providing a strong mathematical base to the engineering field.

  • To develop problem solving skills in students.
  • To establish a strong foundation in mathematics to face the challenges of professional life.

  • Providing soft skill training and conducting aptitude and reasoning tests.
  • Provide opportunities for the faculty for upgrading their knowledge by supporting them to attend seminars, workshops and conferences.

  • MATLAB to get experiential learning of the concepts learned in the theory class
  • Developing the aptitude problem solving skills in UG and PG students through aptitude classes
  • Conducting remedial classes for slow learners, lateral entry students
  • Encouraging faculty for research
  • Assisting faculty to attend workshops, conferences and online courses to upgrade their knowledge
  • Applying active learning's techniques in classes
  • Individual guidance to the students who are interested to write GATE examinations in Mathematics part of the question paper
  • Project guidance and Internship Guidance to PG Mathematics students through MOU
  • Assistance to faculty and students of other departments in Mathematics basics

Head of Department

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Dr Jagadeesha B.

Professor & HOD

Teacher with 25  years of teaching experience,13 years of research experience. Research specialization is Algebra, particularly Nearring Theory, Fuzzy algebraic structures, Algebraic graph theory,   Rough  algebraic structures, Soft set theory  and  other modern theories.

B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D

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