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The inauguration ceremony of the AICUF SJEC Unit Club took place on 31st May 2024 at Spoorthi Hall, with Dr. Anup Denzil Veigas as the esteemed chief guest. Alongside dignitaries including Assistant Director Rev. Fr Kenneth Crasta, CCG Head Ms. Jayalaxmi K P, EEE HOD Dr. Sanath Saralaya, and Faculty Coordinator Mr. Joysun Dsouza, the event commenced with a prayer song, invoking a sense of reverence.

Mr. Joysun Dsouza extended a warm welcome, setting the stage for the day's proceedings. The new office bearers then took their oath, inaugurating their tenure under the guidance of Dr. Anup Denzil Veigas, who shared insightful experiences and life lessons from his involvement with AICUF. Dr. Anup Denzil Veigas was honored for his contributions, followed by the recognition of Ms. Tina Benita Rego for her exemplary achievements within the AICUF community. The official AICUF Anthem added a touch of unity and pride to the occasion, echoing its release during the Centenary Celebration at SJC, Trichy. Assistant Director Rev. Fr. Kenneth Crasta emphasized the pivotal role of AICUF in nurturing student development, while certificates were distributed to former office bearers, acknowledging their service. Secretary Anvitha concluded the formalities with a vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all contributors. The event transitioned seamlessly into a series of engaging games, fostering camaraderie among the 50 active student participants. Overall, the inauguration marked a successful and memorable start for the AICUF SJEC Unit Club, encapsulating the spirit of leadership and community engagement.