Ms Prajna K

Assistant Professor


Having a teaching experience of three years she is committed to using modern instruction and research to promote an extensive understanding and appreciation of mathematical ideas. Her instructional method focuses intellectual understanding, problem-solving abilities, and applications of mathematical concepts. 

Education Qualifications

Sl.No Qualification Level University Area of Specialization Year of Compeltion Awards
1 PG Mangalore University Mathematics 2019
2 UG Mangalore University PCM 2017

Responsibilities At SJEC

  1. Co coordinator for SIGMATHS Association
  2. Department level Contineo Software Coordinator 
  3. Member of Cultural and Community Group 

Work Experience

Having 3 years of teaching experience she has worked in St Joseph Engineering College for 2 years and in Canara Engineering College for 1 year. 

Workshop/FDPs Attended


  1. Attended a FDP on "AI Application in teaching" in June 2024. 

  2. Workshop on 'Intellectual Property Rights Patentability Search' organised jointly by the IPSC-SJEC and Department of Mathematics, St Joseph College,Mangaluru, in Februray, 2023. 
  3. Attended a workshop on the topic ‘Vedic Mathematics and it’s Applications’ held by
    Dept of mathematics St. Joseph Engineering College.
  4. completed a project on "Study On Numerical Semigroups" which focused on the characteristics and applications of numerical semigroups.
  5. Participated in national conference on ‘Graph Theory and Discrete Mathematics-2018’ sponsored by Department of Science and Technology (SERB), Govt. Of India,
    organized by Department of Mathematics, Mangalore University, Manglagangothri,
  6. Participated in two days lecture series sponsored by Karnataka Science and
    Technology Academy on ‘Recent trends in Mathematics -2018’ organized by the
    Department of Mathematics, Mangalore University, Mangalagangothri, Mangalore. 

Contact Information

Ms Prajna K

Assistant Professor

B.Sc, M.Sc