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Administrative committees for the year 2020-21

Sl. No Committees Faculty Coordinators
1 Culture and Community Group (CCG)
Cultural Activities
College Magazine
Community Engagement and Eco-Club
Mr Poornesh M, Asst Prof, Mech
2 Library and Learning Group (LLG)
Library Advisory
Teaching Learning Center
Dr Prakash Pinto, HOD & Prof, MBA
3 Wellness and Sports Group (WSG)
Sports Advisory
Fitness and Wellness
NSS and Red Cross
Mr Manjunath B, Asst Prof, Civil
4 Discipline and Equity Group (DEG)
Anti –Ragging
Jagruti (Prevention of Sexual Harassment)
SC/ST Cell
Mr Franco Menezes, Asst Prof, EEE
5 Academics and Assessment Group (AAG)
Academic Advisory
Internal Assessment
EMS Coordination
Dr Jagadeesha B, Assoc Prof, Maths
6 Professional Societies Group (PSG)
ISTE College Chapter
AICUF College Unit
IE(I) College Chapter
Mr Keith Fernandes, Asst Prof, ECE
7 Placement and Training Group (PTG)
Training, V-ACT
Tinkering and Engg Exploration Labs
Alumni Affairs
Mr Sathyendra Bhat, Asst Prof, MCA
8 Development and Planning Group (DPG)
Development Projects
Administrative Office & Campus Planning
Central Computer Center Advisory
Online Courses Portal
Press & Media
Website and Social Media
Dr Binu K G, Assoc Prof, Mech
9 Research and Facilities Group (RFG)
Research Centre
Research Publications Assessment
Research Proposals
Virtual Labs/MathWorks/LabView
Dr Sandhya Das, Assoc Prof, ECE
10 Industry and Innovation Group (IIG)
Industry Interaction Cell
Entrepreneurship Development Cell
Innovation Club
Mr Yathish Kumar, Asst Prof, Mech
11 Quality and Governance Group (QGG)
Quality Assurance
Governance and Regulations
Autonomy Preparation
Mr Pavana Kumara, Asst Prof, Mech
12 Student Welfare Group (SWG)
Student Welfare
Student Amenities
Mentoring and Counselling
Grievance Readressal
Dr Ramananda H S, HOD & Prof, Maths