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Jagruti – Women Empowerment and Safety

About the committee:

St Joseph Engineering College is committed to provide its students and employees a place free from harassment and discrimination by treating them with dignity and respect. The college has established Jagruti-Prevention of Sexual Assault Committee, to enhance understanding of issues related to women and to make the college campus a safe place for women students. Aiming at intellectual and social uplift of women, the committee stands for facilitating women empowerment through guest lectures, seminars, awareness programmes and other welfare activities.

A woman teacher is functioning as the chairperson. The committee has staff and student representatives from all departments in the college. The committee meets periodically and evolves measures to achieve the objectives.

  • To promote a culture of respect and equality for female gender.
  • To make the girl students/staff aware of their legal rights
  • To ensure that sexual harassment is treated as an unacceptable social behaviour and crime within the institution and the society.

  • Providing continuous education on the subject matter.
  • Making them aware of their right to complain against the offender.
  • Making the students and employees aware of their objective of coming to the college and give prime importance to their studies and work.
  • Encouraging the students and employees to have plentiful activities and exercises for their self- development.
  • Encourage the students and employees to make use of counselling facilities offered by the college Encouraging the students and employees to make use of complaint committee.
  • To teach the art of self - defence.

Sl.No Name of Faculty Role Dept Email ID Contact Number
1 Salma Shabnam Jagruti Coordinator Maths salmas@sjec.ac.in 9916101328
2 Mr Prasad SM Jagruti Coordinator ECE Prasads@sjec.ac.in 9900650083
3 Ms Sumangala N Member MCA sumangalan@sjec.ac.in 8971036810
4 Dr Rajesh K Member Physics rajeshk@sjec.ac.in 9481765670
5 Mr Prashanth Kumar Member ME prashanthk@sjec.ac.in 9481263328
6 Ms Savitha K Member MBA savithak@sjec.ac.in 8217297042
7 Ms Ajithanjaya Kumar MK Member EEE ajithk@sjec.ac.in 9945251967
8 Ms Chitra K Member CSE chitrak@sjec.ac.in 9746201067
9 Dr Karthik K Member ICBS karthikk@sjec.ac.in 8496089879
10 Ms Shama BN Member ECE shamab@sjec.ac.in 9844327270

Sl.No Name of The student Dept
1 Ms Rachana KS ME
2 Mr Ajay Kumar M ME
3 Mr Dheeraj D Patel Civil
4 Ms Nishal L Gowda
5 Mr Sreyas Merwin Karkada
6 Ms Meghana B
7 Mr Bipin Balakrishna
8 Ms Annapoorna KG CSE
9 Mr Sharan Kumar CSE
10 Mr Gowtham GK MCA
11 Ms Racahna JS MCA
12 Ms Akshatha P MBA
13 Mr Subramanya MBA

College Internal Complaint Committee

The members of College Internal Complaint Committee (CICC) (w.r.t Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal of Sexual Harassment) for the Academic Year 2023-24.

Sl No. Name Committee Mobile Number Email-id
1 Dr Shakila B.,Associate Professor, MBA Department Chairperson 9740939698 shakilab@sjec.ac.in
2 Ms Supriya Salian Assistant Professor, CSE Department Faculty Member 9972530051 supriyas@sjec.ac.in
3 Ms Ramya M, Assistant Professor, MECH Department Faculty Member 9164099356 ramyam@sjec.ac.in
4 Mr Rakesh Lobo, HR Manager Member (non- teaching employee) 9972094309 rakeshl@sjec.ac.in
5 Ms Shalet Saldanha, Office Superintendent Member (non-teaching employee) 9972932972 shalets@sjec.ac.in
6 Ms Kaneeksha Kiran, II year CSBS Student 9071201842 21f22.kaneeksha@sjec.ac.in
7 Ms Sasha Sajith, II year CSE Student 7676409165 21i26.sasha@sjec.ac.in
8 Ms Poornima Kamath, II year Civil Student 9480657903 21i19.poornima@sjec.ac.in
9 Dr Lavina Noronha, Director-AMPC, Mangaluru Member from the NGO 9449830186 1avnorortha@hotmail.com