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The valedictory ceremony of Zephyr 24 was held on 27 th March 2024 at 4.30pm in Kalam Hall, V floor, AB II. The programme commenced with a solemn invocation of God's blessings, seeking guidance and grace for all present. It set the tone for an evening filled with gratitude and celebration.

The dignitaries were escorted to the dias. Dr. Rio Dsouza, Principal, SJEC was the Chief Guest. Fr. Kenneth Crasta, Assistant Director of SJEC, presided over the event. Ms. Acharya Chitralekha, the faculty coordinator, and student coordinators Hrithik Chand and Prajwal S. K. were in attendance.

Dr. Rio Dsouza delivered a remarkable talk, sharing essential insights and motivating participants to get to know one another and make connections. He also noted that such occasions provide a platform for connecting with great brains, which will be advantageous in one's career. He emphasised the importance of making a lasting impact on another person. It provides for emotional bonds. He commended the coordinators on the success of ZEPHYR 2024 and complimented the participants for actively participating in the events.

Following the Chief Guest's address, Fr. Kenneth Crasta, Assistant Director of SJEC, presided over to reflect on the significance of the day. He emphasised the attributes of a leader and their importance. He spoke about not being discouraged by failures. He appreciated the event organisers for their success.

One of the highlights of the evening was the distribution of prizes and awards. Ms. Yashika took over at this event. The deserving winners across various competitions were felicitated. It was a moment of pride and joy for both the winners and their respective institutions.

Dr. Rio Dsouza presented the awards to management events winners.

Business Quiz

Winners - Niranjan & Rakesh Prasad K, Vivekananda College

Runners- Karthik & Mithun, Canara College



Winners -Akshaya & Sowjanya, AJIM

Runners - Shri Hari & Manisha, Mangalore University



Winners - Arpitha & Prakrithi, MITE

Runners - Bhavana & Dhanya, SDM PG Centre



Winners - Naresh & Adithya, MITE

Runners - Prithi & Shrinidhi, Canara PG


Spark Tank

Winners -R. Navya, Shawn Jovian Pinto & Revanth Kadri, Mangalore University


Best Management Team

Winners - Adithya Ajay, Josline Riya Dsouza & Gloria Asha, St. Aloysius PG


Best Manager

Winner - Abhiram Salian, Srinivas Institute of Technology


Fr. Kenneth Crasta felicitated the winners of the cultural events.

Face Painting

Winners - Manora. G & Shreyas KB, Mangalore University

Runners - Pavitra & Prajna, SDM PG Centre


Fitness Fight

Winners - Abdulla, Elisha & Adel, St. Aloysius College

Runners - Ziyad, Shreyas & Hazel, Trisha Vidya College of Commerce & Management


Treasure Hunt

Winners - Abilesh & Manvith, Sridevi Institute of Technology

Runners - Anurag Gonda BR & Vinol, SDM PG Centre Ujire


Duet Singing

Winners - BP. Likith & Apaa, SDM PG Centre

Runners - Sahithya & Shubada, Vivekananda College, Puttur



Winner - Shreyas, Srinivas Institute of Technology

Runner - Wilson Prakash Dsouza, Padua College



Winners - Ashith Shetty, Yashwanth NT, Yashwin SC & Chetan D, St. Philomena

Runners - Zion, Abhis A, Ibad & Sandesh, Yenepoya


Brand Rangoli

Winners - Prateeksha & Sri Laksmi Udupa, Padua College of Commerce & Management

Runners - Supriya & Deekshitha, SDM PG Centre Ujire


Dr. Prakash Pinto, Dean of MBA awarded the winners of Group Dance competition.

Winners - Team Strikers 2, NMAMIT, Nitte

Runners -Atlas, Sridevi College, Ballalbagh

II Runners - Predators, Canara Degree College (UG)


Finally, the much-awaited moment arrived as the overall championship trophies were presented to the deserving colleges. The dignitaries did the honors.

Overall Champions in Management Event

Winners - SDM PG Centre Mangalore

Runners - Canara College PG


Overall Champions in Cultural Events

Winners - SDM PG Centre, Ujire

Runners - Padua College

As the event drew to a close, a heartfelt vote of thanks was proposed by Ms. Ankitha Shetty. Ms. Vinita Feandes compered the event.