Ms Glevina Crystal Pinto



Teaching is the most rewarding aspect of my professional career. I strongly believe

that effective teaching involves a collaborative and synergistic relationship between

students and teacher. When I think about my role as a teacher, the one thing that I

constantly have focused on is the relations that I have built with my students. I have

a belief that young people have the ability to make great changes in the world if they

are given the right information and tools, and I want to help my students to reach

their goals by giving them a glimpse of applications of mathematics in Engineering


I believe that in order to encourage learning in the best way possible, the teacher

needs to be enthusiastic about the material being studied. She needs to be the

coach and cheerleader for the class, and point out the positives about each student’s

work in a sincere way, alongside constructive criticism. She must be open to

diversity and a wide range of opinions and ideas, and must set classroom standards

so that the students can respect and trust one another. She must be willing to listen

and compromise, but be firm in her decisions and promises. A “stagnant” teacher is

no good to the class – a teacher is not just a teacher but a lifelong learner.

Therefore, she must also continue to build her wealth of professional knowledge,

taking additional courses, advancing her degree and attending workshops and

conferences with fellow teachers to exchange ideas and theories and learn new

things in order to give her students the most up-to-date information possible.

I am confident that my dedication, hard work and strong will to achieve

success will help me to create a niche for myself in the areas of interest. I strive to

implement good teaching practices including well-organized lectures, clear

explanations, helpful office hours and improving my teaching skills to promote active


I believe research is and will remain an integral part of my academic career.

Research enriches my teaching and learning experience, and expands my

knowledge. I believe conducting scientific research helps in building knowledge

facilitating learning. It promotes a love of and confidence in reading, writing,

analysing, and sharing valuable information which is very much important in


Education Qualifications

Sl.No Qualification Level University Area of Specialization Year of Compeltion Awards
1 Msc Manglore Mathematics 2023
2 Bsc Manglore Physics,Mathematics,Statistics 2021

Work Experience


  • St Joseph Engineering College
  • Lecturer
  • 17 October 2023-present


  • Alva's College
  • Junior lecturer
  • July 2023-17 October 2023

Contact Information

Ms Glevina Crystal Pinto